Wellness and Health Promotion


  • Brenna Ingemunson
    Favorite Wellness Event: De-stress with dogs

    "College is a life changing experience, take advantage of it. I have changed more in less than two quarters than I have throughout college. Find ways to de-stress now, you'll appreciate it. If you didn't have to study in high school, start finding studying methods that work for you now because college is way different than high school."

  • Skylar White-Culton
    Creative Writing and Business Administration
    Favorite Wellness Event: It's On Us Campaign
    "The most important thing for students to do is get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. Prioritize your work, take a mental health day, and sleep as much as you need to feel refreshed. "
  • Rachel Meza Rojas
    Favorite Wellness Event: The Wellness Challenge
    "Wellness is about the little things! Trade chips for apple chips, read a news article, drink the water in your water bottle, smile, express appreciation, floss your teeth once a day, reflect daily on something you’re thankful for, or do another rep on the bench press. I think a lot of people get caught up on the idea that being well means they have to make big lifestyle changes. I’m here to say it’s about being conscious about the decisions you make in the present. Over time, the little things really do make an impact!"
  • Taylor Moscoe
    BS Psychology
    Favorite Wellness Event: The Wellness Challenge
  • Helena Laubach
    Favorite Wellness Event
    "Be aware of your need for self care. Take you time in between assignment. It will make you feel better and help you focus more on your next task!"
  • Victoria Thompson
    Public Affairs
    Favorite Wellness Event: Take Back the Night
    "Establish a regular sleep schedule! Between keeping up with homework, working an after-school job, and staying in touch with friends, getting a full 8-hours can be pretty hard. Even if you go to sleep at a different time every night, try to wake up at the same time each morning. Doing this keeps my body energized in the morning and awake throughout the entire day. Another tip: instead of using your phone or laptop right before you go to bed, try reading, listening to music, or making art instead – bright lights can lower the quality of sleep!"
  • Maria Ortiz
    International Studies
    Favorite Wellness Event: De-Stress N'Recess
    "A college student should strive to eat, sleep, and play. First of all, by alternating types of meals and proportioning you’ll maintain strength, energy, a healthy immune system. Secondly, as much fun as all-nighters are, we also need to give our body time to rest. If our neuroreceptors don’t get enough REM sleep then they lose their sensitivity to serotonin and epinephrine which leads to imperative cognitive function. Lastly, if you’re not into exercising then go out and play a game of tennis, ultimate Frisbee, or initiate a game of tag with your friends. Being healthy can be fun too."
  • Aitana Sandoval
    Cell and Molecular Biology
    Favorite Wellness Event:Sex Life
    "Everything seems a little easier if you've eaten well, slept enough, and have been active. College is exciting and challenging, so make sure you have the energy to enjoy each day. "
  • Zena-Maria Husler
    Mechanical Engineering
    Favorite Wellness Event: De-Stress With Dogs
    "Sleep when you can, remember to drink water, and don't let the little things get you down."
  • Winnie Chan
    Political Science
    Favorite Wellness Event: Wellness Challenge
    "In the midst of the busy college lifestyle filled with endless amounts of homework, quizzes, and tests, remember that it's okay to take breaks once in a while. Go outside and enjoy what Seattle has to offer. Hang out with friends, catch up on your favorite TV shows. Self-care is super important to your overall health, and essential to be the best you can be!"
  • Jane Hunter
    Communications and Psycology
    Favorite Wellness Event: Sex Life
  • Sherilynn Soo
    Biology, Chemistry, Psychology

    Favorite Wellness Event: Take Back the Night
    "Always remember to listen to your body - especially when you're stressed. #SELFCARE"