Green Dot

Get Involved

A green dot is a choice to make our campus safer through violence prevention

Social Media

Believe it or not, social media is a major part of culture change.  Follow @SUGreenDot on Instagram and use #SUGreenDot or #LiveTheGreenDot when posting about Green Dot.

Have a Conversation

  • If you see a Green Dot sticker or button, let that be a conversation starter.  Ask "Can you tell me about Green Dot?" or "Have you gone to a Green Dot Training?" 
  • Schedule a 15-minute coffee break to learn more about Green Dot. Email 

Get Trained

We want influential students

Green Dot is all about reaching different groups of people across campus.  We want to connect with as many students as possible and one way we do that is through nominations.  We're looking for students who are influential, meaning they tend to bring groups of friends together or maybe they're that trusted person you'd go to for advice.

Nominate Someone

5 Green Dots you can do right now!

  • Follow us on ConnectSU to get updates then tell one friend about it.
  • Stop by Student Center 380 to pick up a FREE sticker or button to use as a conversation starter. "Have you heard about Green Dot?"
  • Save SU Public Safety's number 206-296-5911 and Seattle Police's non-emergency number (206-625-5011) in your phone. 911 is available in an emergency.
  • Start a conversation at your next meal about why you wish power-based violence happened less often. 
  • Sign up to attend an upcoming training.

Attending Green Dot helped me educate my teammates and become more comfortable discussing the serious issue of sexual harassment and assault.

Training Participant

Attending Green Dot helped me develop my vocabulary for talking to other about power based violence and also provided me with indirect methods of intervention, which help keep me safe as well.

Student Participant

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