How Tos

Request or change user permissions


How to request or change your access, user permissions or user type



In the TerminalFour content management system, we restrict users access in two ways: by content (i.e. sections or folders), and by user level or user type.

In order to make changes to any Seattle University website, you first need to be given permission to access that particular section (or folder) within TerminalFour.

To request access for yourself or a colleague, please contact the MarCom Web Team; include the Seattle U username of the person and the name of the website or section that person needs permission to access.

Permissions level or user type

Additionally, there are four different permissions levels (or user types) in TerminalFour: contributor, moderator, power user, and administrator.

  • Contributor
    • Contributors can add, modify and delete content and add files to the Media Library. But contributors cannot publish to the web; all their changes are saved as "pending" and need to be approved/published by a moderator, power user or administrator. 
  • Moderator
    • Moderators can do everything that contributors can do, plus they can create, modify or delete sections (or pages), approve and publish content.
    • At Seattle University, by default, all new users are automatically created at the moderator level, unless otherwise specified. 
  • Power User
    • Power Users are able to do all of the things contributors and moderators can do, but they can also access additional features and more complex content types (such as the Form Builder, and code-only content types). Power Users can also add users to permissions groups.
  • Administrator
    • Administrators control channels, manage users and user permissions, reports, controls, developer tools and content type administration, and can change the site's configuration.
    • This user type is limited to very few people on campus, mostly within the MarCom Web Team.

So when initially requesting a TerminalFour account for a new user, please let the Web Team know what content that user needs access to, and what permission level (or user type) that new user's account should be. But user permissions can be altered at any time.