Making a Pending/Unpublished Section

You may want to begin creating a new web page but not be ready for it to be published to the website. To do this, you can create a section as Pending and then publish it when it is ready. Pending sections will not be visible on the website.

Adding a new section

When you sign in to TerminalFour, you’ll see a series of section folders. Navigate to the section of the site where you want your new page to go.

To the right of the parent section, click on the Action dropdown menu and select Create section

(in this example, I’m creating a new section under Graduate Degrees in the College of Education)

Fill out the Name of your new section – this is what the page title will be, and will show up at the top of the new page. 

Fill out the Description to help other editors determine what this section is about.

In the Status field, change Approved to Pending, then save your changes.

Congratulations! You now have a pending section that is unpublished to the site. You can preview the site (Action-Preview). To populate it with content, click on your new section and then click on the content tab to add content.

How to add content

Publishing a pending section

When the section is ready to be published to the website, click on the section to view the General tab. In General Section Details, change Status from Pending to Approved, then Save Changes.