Login to TerminalFour


How to sign in or login to TerminalFour



  • Prior to signing in, a TerminalFour account must be created for you by the MarCom Web Team
  • Contact the MarCom Web Team to request access to TerminalFour. Include:
    • Your username or email address
    • Which webpage(s) you will be updating so that you can be given access to the specific sections or folders in TerminalFour
    • If you need a special user type or permissions


  • Open a web browser
    • We strongly recommend Chrome or Firefox, as users may experience some performance issues in TerminalFour using Internet Explorer
  • Go to https://cms.seattleu.edu/terminalfour and login using your Seattle University username and passwordScreenshot of TerminalFour Login Screen


  • Unlike some other Seattle U systems, do not use your entire email address as your username to login to TerminalFour.
    • If you type your whole email address, rather than just your username, you will be given a "Login failed" error message.
  • Remember, your TerminalFour account credentials are tied to your Seattle University account, so if you change your SU password, that will also change your password to login to TerminalFour.