Resolve an error


How to resolve an error in TerminalFour


On rare occasions, you may encounter a red error message popping up at the bottom of your screen when you are working in TerminalFour.

Here are some examples:

  • 404 error: Failed to load content type specific fields

Example of a 404 error pop up message

  • 500 error: Failed to complete work due to underlying issue

Example of a 500 error message popup

You may encounter other types of error messages other than the examples shown above, but regardless of the type of error, here are some steps to help the MarCom Web Team and the TerminalFour Client Support team resolve the error.

  1. Don't ignore the error: Seek help!
    • Most of the time these errors won't resolve themselves so if you encounter an error, you will need to alert the MarCom Web Team for assistance
    • Depending on the type of error, sometimes we will need to reach out to TerminalFour's Client Support Team to resolve the issue, and that can take time.
  2. Take a screenshot of the error message if you can.
    • This is not mandatory, but it's extremely helpful information for the Web Team and for TerminalFour to know and can help us resolve the issue.
  3. Give us a specific location where the issue occurred.
    • Tell us specifically where you were working when you received the error: both the section and the content item.
    • The best way is to point us in the right direction is to send the Web Team a link directly to the section or content item, or link to the preview of the section where the error occurred.
  4. Provide a detailed description so that someone else can recreate the issue.
    • When you contact the MarCom Web Team for assistance, be sure to include as much information as possible so that the Web Team and T4 Client Support can easily recreate the issue. Include the specific steps you took, or what you were trying to accomplish when you received the error.
    • If you have encountered this issue before, or if you've noticed a pattern about when, where or how you encounter these errors, include that information as well.
  5. Give us an indication of how urgently you need the issue resolved.
    • Letting us know the level of urgency will help us determine what steps we take to resolve the issue.