Adding a Link to a Menu

Many department navigation menus include links to other parts of For example, the Dean of Students site might have a link to the Office of the Provost. Here is how to add links to a navigation menu OR link directly to pdfs uploaded in the media library.

Find the folder where you want the link added and click Add New Section

(this will create a link under T4 Training Playground. If you want it to appear under a degree or something, you’d click Create Section to the right of that folder)

Fill out name of the section as you’d like it to appear in your menu (e.g., "Giving")

Scroll down to the bottom of the form – check “Make this a link section”

Click on the “Details” tab

Here you can choose if you’re linking to another section in or an external link (like a pdf)

If it’s a section (another web page on

Choose “select section” and find the section you’re linking to in the site structure. You can also use the search tab in the pop-up if you don’t want to navigate the entire site structure

Choose “select section” to have that link added to the navigation menu. 

Linking to an external link (or a pdf/asset)

Choose “external URL” and paste in the URL

Choose “save changes” 

In this example, I made the link “this is a link to twitter” and entered