How Tos

Add a link to an email


How to add or insert a link to an email (a "mailto" link)


There are a couple of ways to insert a link to an email.

  • Type in or paste an email address into the text editor. When you add a space after the email address, if TerminalFour recognizes what you typed as valid email address format, T4 may automatically turn the email address into a link.


  • Type in then highlight the text you'd like to create as a link to an email

text highlight of email address

  • Then either click "Insert" > "Insert Link" > "Insert/edit external link"

insert edit external link

  • Alternatively, you can click on the link icon, and then select "Insert/edit external link"

Screen shot of how to insert/edit an external link

  • Then a window titled 'Insert Link' will pop up and allow you to specify the details for your link:

Screen shot of an 'Insert Link' pop up window

  • Url
    • Type in mailto: and then the email address, with no spaces between
  • Text to display
    • This is the text that's displayed on the web page that you want to become the link
  • Title
    • This is what is displayed in a little pop up box when users hover over the link. This field is optional.

Screen shot of the title pop up when users hover over a link

  • Target
    • When inserting a link to an email, this field should remain with the default option of None.
  • Then click OK.