Primary, Secondary, Supplemental Content


"Primary content - Zone A," "Secondary content - Zone B," and "Supplemental content - Zone C" are your most simple/basic content types, and therefore, they're also the most commonly used. The styling built into these three templates are fairly minimal but the text styling is the same in each of these three content types, which is why they're grouped together on this page. 

Available in zones:

  • Zone A (Primary content)
  • Zone B (Secondary content)
  • Zone C (Supplemental content)


  • Available to all content editors

How to use it

Navigate to the section (page) where you want to add the content, click over to the 'Content' tab. Then click 'Add content' and use the filter to select "Primary content - Zone A," "Secondary content - Zone B," or "Supplemental content - Zone C."

Screen shot of the Primary, Secondary, or Supplemental content type

Required fields

In all three of these content types, there are just two required fields:

  • Name
    • The text in this field is for internal, informational purposes only, and appears in the list of 'content in this section.'
  • Content
    • The text in this field becomes the content on your page (section). You can add styling to your text (i.e. headings, bold, italics), lists, links, images, tables to your section using the Text Editor.

Additional items to consider

Editing content in the source code

If you know HTML and would prefer to do your editing in the source code, then you can access the HTML by clicking the 'Tools' menu, and clicking 'Source Code.'

Screen shot of how to access the source code in the text editor

Then you can make edits directly to the source code in HTML.

Screen shot of the source code

This is Primary Content

This content type uses a standard WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") text editor to create HTML for your web page.

You can use primary content to post basic text, formatted text (including bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, superscript, subscript), headings, blockquotes, links, images, tables, ordered and/or unordered lists. 

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5

This is a blockquote

This is an unordered list:

  • One bullet
  • Another bullet
  • A third bullet

This is an ordered list:

  1. One list item
  2. Second list item
  3. Third list item

Thumbnail image of the Space Needle lit up in Redhawk Red

This is Secondary Content

It's the same as Primary Content, just off to the side!

Content in this area (Zone B) should typically be shorter than the content in Zone A (the center of the page), otherwise it would look quite strange. 

This is Supplemental Content

It's the same as primary and secondary except that it goes in Zone C (below the navigation menu on the left hand side of the page).