A web form is a webpage which allows users to enter and submit data/responses to specific questions. Seattle U content editors can use the TerminalFour Form Builder to create a web form, which can then be deployed onto your Seattle U webpage using the Form content type. See the example form below.

Available in zones:

  • Zone A
  • Zone B
  • Zone C


  • Users must be added to the "Form Managers" permissions group in order to use this content type.
  • Additionally, users must be given "Power User" status in order to access the Form Builder tool.
  • If you would like permission to use this content type, and to access the Form Builder tool, please submit a request form.

When to use it

If you would like a user-friendly way for your current or prospective contacts to get in touch with you, and share specific information with you, in a way that's easy to store and process, then you could a TerminalFour form.

How to use it

Prior to creating your form content item, there are two other important steps that need to be completed:

Once you have successfully created your form using the Form Builder tool, you should copy the form's T4 tag.

Then, navigate to the section/page where you'd like the form to be located, then click to the 'Content' tab and select 'Create content.'

From the content type list, select "Form."

Note: If "Form" does not appear in this list, you may not be in the proper permissions group, so please submit a request form or contact the Web Team for assistance.

Screen shot of Form content type 

Screen shot of how to select a zone option in your content item in V9

Required fields

  • Name 
    • The text in this field is for internal, informational purposes only, and appears in the list of 'content in this section.'
  • Zone Option
    • In this field, select which zone you want this content item to appear on your page: Zone A, B or C.
  • T4 Tag
    • In this field, all you need to do is paste your form's T4 tag (which can be found under the "Deploy" tab for your form in the Form Builder).

Screen shot of Deploy tab in Form Builder

Optional fields

  • Preamble
    • Use the preamble field if you need to include more than a short, simple, text-only set of instructions, explanation, or description on your form (using the paragraph element in the Form Builder).
    • This preamble field lets you add instructions before your form using the WYSIWYG text editor, so you can use headings, text formatting, links, lists, and images to help inform and instruct your form users. 

Additional things to consider

This is the third stage of a three stage sequence. Before creating your form content item, you first need to:

If you have questions about creating, editing, or deploying your form, contact the MarCom Web Team.

Form preamble

This is the "form preamble" field.

This is where you can add extensive context, explanation, instructions for your form users.

Your preamble can include:

  • Headings
  • Lists
  • Links
  • Bold, italicized and underlined text (and other text formatting)