Department Contact Information


Contact info for department, used for footer and in office directory. This content item can only be used in your "Section Customizations" section.

Available in zones:

  • Footer 


  • Available to all content editors

How to use it

Navigate to your "Section Customizations" folder (this is typically a folder in the top level of your site structure, and this is also where your section banner is/can be customized). Click "Create content" then select "Department Contact Information."

If your folder does not have a Section Customizations folder yet and you want to create one, click here to get instructions on how to create your section customizations folder.

Screen shot of Department Contact Information Content Type - full 

Required fields

  • Name
  • Department/School Name
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number

Optional fields

  • Room/Building
  • Email address
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Section Link

This will change the contact information that appears in the footer of your section, which looks like this:

Screen shot of how the department contact information displays in the v9 footer 

Additional things to consider

Mirror your 'Department Contact Information' to the Office Directory section

Once you have saved your content item, the information in your "Department Contact Information" content item can be added to the university's Offices and Departments directory.

Screen shot of How to Mirror Department Contact Information Content Type

Click the blue "Actions" button next to your saved and approved Department Contact Information content item, then select "Mirror."

When the university's site structure pops up, scroll down the list to (or press CTRL + F to easily find) the Directory folder, then click the plus to open the subfolders, then click the 'Offices and Departments' folder, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to select this folder.

Screen shot of Offices and Departments Directory in Site Structure

After you've mirrored the content item (within the normal publishing schedule), your office or department's contact information will be added to the directory.

This is what it will look like in the directory:

Screen shot of department contact information displayed in office directory