Filling out the General Tab Field Form

General Information Form Field



  1. Enter a Name- this is the name of your new section. The name should give a clear indication of the page's content. Use whole words instead of abbreviations. For example, use "Web training" as opposed to "web tng". In many cases this will be used directly in the menu navigation.
  2. Description helps you and your web team see what this section is all about – fill in a few key phrases summarizing what this section is for
  1. Output URI- lets you specify the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) as the destination of the new section. This field should be filled out if you need a specific URL for your section. If it’s not filled out, the section’s name (all lower case with dashed in place of spaces) will be used as a URL.
  2. Approved: this is the default status shown in green on the Site structure. Sections are published when they have at least one piece of approved content. Sections cannot be published without approved content in them. The intent is to avoid pages looking empty and under construction.

2a. An Output URI is used for a short or friendly URL. You might have created a section with the name "News & Events". To get a shorter URL, set the Output URI to simply "News". If the URL needs to be more specific (perhaps for SEO purposes), you can expand it to "TERMINALFOUR News & Events".

3. Enter an Access key - you can enter a single character, which can be used as a shortcut within a link menu navigation object.

4. SEO key phrases help your page show up better in search. Enter in a few key words or phases to summarize your page – what words will people input into search to find your content? Separate words with a comma.  

5. Status – you can specify

6. Choose a Status for the section - there are three status levels:

  1. Pending: sections are shown in a yellow on the Site structure. You can launch (single or several pieces of) content using this status. Normally this status is used before content is published as Approved.
  2. Inactive: when sections are deleted their status is Inactive. Sections can be restored by changing the status to Approved or by restoring the section through the Recyclemenu option. Inactive sections appears in a red on the Site structure view and cannot be published to a live site.

7. Enter a Default workflow - enter a default workflow for which section content or sub-section uses by default.

  1. Show in Navigation- Check this box to indicate "Yes".  When this box is checked, the section appears in the navigation menu. The default is to leave this checked – almost every section should appear in your navigation menu! Unchecked, the section is hidden from navigation. Hidden sections have a gray symbol in the site structure.
  2. eForm section- check this box to make this section an eForm section. You need an eForm section to submit an eForm. NOTE: when you mark a section as an eForm section, the entire branch accepts eForm content.
  1. Archive section- check this box to have the section archived when published. By default, archive sections are not published when a site is published. An Archive section can be used for areas of the site which no longer require publish every time a publish is run. It can save publish time if these areas contain lots of information, and it is possible to include them in a publish by using the Advanced Publish options.
  2. Content Owner- you have two choices, Inherit and you can Select content owner:
  1. Inherit-   check here to inherit.
  2. Select a Content owner- if this is selected you get a popup box - shown below:

11c. This is a tabular directory of potential content owners. You can search by User types - Username or Name.

11d. To mark your selection - tick the corresponding Option button and click Select user to make your selection.

11e. Now you have assigned a Content owner. The image below shows the result of selecting a content owner.

11f. Before you finish with Select content owner - there are two command buttons available - Select content owner and repeat the process - or, xClear selection - this removes your selection leaving you with either repeating the selection process or revert to Inherited.

  1. Make this a link section?- When this box is checked, you are stating that no content will be in the section and it serves as either a link to another website/URL, or another section in your site structure. The section file structure changes to a two-tab folder:

12a. General - the number of fields reduces to three that you have already populated.