Creating a new section

Adding a new section in TerminalFour

This tutorial contains instructions on:

  • Finding your site’s section
  • Setting up a new section
  • Adding content to your section

Sections in TerminalFour

In TerminalFour, every page is called a section and looks like a folder in the Site Structure.


Everything on the website is organized by this folder structure. Each section folder contains the content files for that page - the headlines, text, and images that make up what we see when we  visit that page on the website. 

To create a new webpage, you will create a new section and add content to it.

After the section is created, it will automatically appear on your site’s navigation menu. 

Adding a New Section

When you sign in to TerminalFour, you’ll see a series of section folders. Navigate to the section of the site where you want your new page to go.

To the right of the parent section, click “Create section”

(in this example, I’m creating a new section under Graduate Degrees in the College of Education)

Fill out the Name of your new section – this is what the page title will be, and will show up at the top of the new page. 

Fill out the description to help other editors determine what this section is about.

Click Save Changes when finished to create your new section.

The screen will send you back to the Site Structure, and a box saying “Section has been created” will appear in the top right window.

Adding Content to a Section

Find your new section in the Site Structure and select it to open.

Click on the Content tab. The Content tab will look like this:

Notice there is no content in the section. Let's fix that! 

Select Create New Content to add content.

The next screen allows you to choose a content type for your page.

Not sure which content type to use? Here's a guide on 

For most new sections, select  first.

You can add multiple content files/types to your page (Primary Content, Secondary Content, and a Slideshow for a department homepage for example), but you'll have to add each piece of  content one at a time. 

Adding Primary Content

In the Content Type window, select . 

This will open up the Content Editor.

Enter in a title for your content and enter (or paste from another document) the content as you’d like it to appear on the page.

  • Use the Content Editor to add formatting like bulleted lists and headlines to the page to make it easy for web visitors to scan.
  • Highlight text and click “Add Link” to add links to your page.

  • Insert Section Link lets you to link to another section of the website
  • Insert/edit external link lets you add links outside of the Site Structure or

 Tweak and edit your content as much as you’d like. When you’re finished, check Save changes to save your file as 'pending' to preview how your content will look on the page, Save and approve if it’s ready to go into the publish queue, or Save as draft to save your draft without publishing it to your site.

To add another piece of content to your site, select Add Content.

You can change the order that your content appears on your page by moving content files up and down in your section's content tab using the left arrows.