Adding and Updating Pages

Adding A New Page

  • When to use it

    Create a new page when adding new content that does not logically fit on another currently existing page. New pages can be created in subfolders of your website. To create a new folder, please contact Marketing Communications.

    Best Practices for Use

    • A Page is a Layout with Content added.
    • Layout and Content should not be added to the base folders, only to subfolders.
    • Layouts and Content must be added in corresponding subfolders. This is to make your website easier to manage, easier to update and easier to navigate.
    • Alias should include lowercase letters, numbers and dashes only. Do not use underscores, periods or other special characters.
    • Each of these phases may be completed at different times. In many instances, it is better to add the content and layout, then share the URL among your team for review and feedback before adding it to the menu.
    • Do not create a page for future content or “Under Construction” pages.

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