March 2017 Updates

Posted by Megan Otis on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 11:17 AM PDT

Last call for feedback on TerminalFour – please share your thoughts with us!

We have only received 24 responses to our request for feedback about your experience in TerminalFour – and there are over 500 content editors at Seattle U, so there are a lot of T4 users that we haven’t heard from yet!

Your feedback is very important to Jason and me, and we will be using your feedback to make changes. We will be sharing the results of this survey with TerminalFour, so if you have any specific suggestions about ways T4 could be more user-friendly, we would love to hear it.

So please, if you haven’t already done so, fill out this short, quick survey and share your thoughts with us.

New content types launched this month


If you have statistics/data to share on your website, but you want to make them more visually appealing, we have just launched an “Infographic” content type to help! With this content type, you can create up to three infographics in a row that can display a number, one of 15 different icons, a heading and text, with one of eight different text and background color combinations.

More social media options

Due to requests from you, our amazing content editors, you can now add your Facebook Feed in Zone C, as well as Zone B. We have also just launched a fun new Social Media Buttons – Zone B content item – which allows you can choose which social media icons to include, as well as size, shape and color customizations.

Update on Form Submission Emails

Several form managers have reported to us recently that they are still not receiving all of their form submission emails. We have been working with TerminalFour, as well as our own ITS, to zero in on a solution to this problem, and ITS has made a change to email spam filters that we hope has had a positive effect.

But while we are working on resolving this issue, please be sure to check your form’s submissions folder in TerminalFour for your form submission data. If you need help extracting your form data from TerminalFour, please let me know!