How to Create a Link to a PDF

Posted by Victor Chimenti on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 12:29 PM PDT

Publish Your PDF First

Sometimes you need to share a link directly to a PDF. But before any link to a PDF in our Media Library will work the PDF must be published.

Take these steps to generate a link to a new PDF:

  1. Upload the PDF to the Media Library;
  2. Add the PDF to a live web page;
  3. Wait for the live page to publish with the PDF;
  4. Right-Click the PDF link and choose Copy Link Address.

Now you've got a link to the PDF you can share via email, social, etc.

These instructions are for Google Chrome so right-clicking to copy a link address can vary in different browsers.

Adding a PDF to a Live Page

If you need help adding a PDF to a live webpage, just use the image icon to select your PDF from the Media Library.

The Image Icon in the HTML Editor will allow you to load files and images from the media library.