February 2017 Updates

Posted by Megan Otis on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 11:06 AM PST

New in TerminalFour

CMS Upgrade

Recently, TerminalFour upgraded us to the most recent version of the CMS, version 8.1.9. This version fixed a number of bugs we had reported. You may notice some minor changes in the interface. Overall, the upgrade should give us small but measurable improvements in the usability of the system.

Social media feeds

We are excited to announce that we’ve developed a couple of new content types that you will be able to use in your pages. If your program has been utilizing social media, you can now add a running list of your tweets or Facebook posts by adding the “Twitter Timeline – Zone B” and/or “Facebook Feed – Zone B” content types to one of your sections.

New banner option

We are also excited to launch a new large banner option – the “title banner” – that’s usable with the “Homepage” or “Landing Page” page layouts. If you are interested in changing your page layout and adding a large banner to your page, please contact web@seattleu.edu for guidance.

Launch of newly re-designed Seattle University News and The Commons

Last week, we launched two newly re-designed websites: Seattle University News and The Commons. Both of these pages were re-designed within TerminalFour.

Font changes

You may have noticed a subtle change to some fonts on the SU website. Last week, Google (who provides our website fonts) updated the font that we use for elements such as body copy and navigation to include additional weights. We'll be evaluating how to best use these new options moving forward.

Upcoming training sessions

Lastly, we just wanted to remind you that each quarter we are offering several basic training sessions for new TerminalFour users. There are three sessions remaining during winter quarter: Tue, Feb 14 (today!), Wed, Feb 22, and Thu, Mar 2. Sign up to attend a basic training session on the TerminalFour training website.

Give us your feedback!

We would love to get your feedback about your experience in TerminalFour. Please fill out a short survey and let us know what improvements you’d like to see in TerminalFour!