Benefits and Aid

VA educational benefits are a type of financial aid. Students using these benefits can still apply for other financial aid benefits from Seattle University, the State of Washington, and the Federal Government. They work to make sure your that you are receiving all eligible aid, your VA educational benefits are updated quarterly as you register for classes and making sure that your benefits have not exceed the Cost of Attendance. 

The Student Financial Services Office is your source for financial aid, billing, and payments. Two of our VA School Certifying Officials (SCO) at Seattle University are housed in this office. When you have a question regarding your bill, financial aid, or making payments you will want to reach out to the SCO’s at If you call or come by the office make sure to tell the person helping you that you receive VA educational benefits.

You can find information on:

  • Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Financial Aid eligibility requirements
  • Types of aid available
  • Forms & Documents (pertaining to the FAFSA)
  • Student Employment – this is separate from VA Work Study
  • Information about implications of withdrawing