Faculty and Staff

Photo of Vinod Acharya, PhD

Vinod Acharya, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Associate Director, Honors
Senior Instructor, Philosophy

Phone: 206-296-2067

Building/Room: Casey 230-04

Photo of Ken Allan, PhD

Ken Allan, PhD

PhD, Art History

Associate Professor, Art History

Phone: 206.296.5369

Building/Room: Fine Arts 216

Photo of Onur Bakiner, PhD

Onur Bakiner, PhD

PhD, Political Science

Associate Professor

Phone: 206.296.5447

Building/Room: Casey 410-14

Photo of David Boness, PhD

David Boness, PhD

PhD, Physics

PhD, Physics
Professor and Chair, Physics Department

Phone: Phone: 206-296-5924

Building/Room: BANN 308

Photo of Maria Bullon-Fernandez, PhD

Maria Bullon-Fernandez, PhD

PhD, Medieval Studies

Director, University Honors Program
Associate Dean for Arts and Humanities
Professor, English
Associate Appointment, Medieval Studies and Women and Gender Studies

Phone: 206.296.2684

Building/Room: Casey 510-10

Photo of Maria Carl, PhD

Maria Carl, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Philosophy

Phone: 206.296.5383

Building/Room: Casey 430-16

Photo of Natalie Cisneros, PhD

Natalie Cisneros, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Associate Professor, Philosophy
Associate Appointment, Women & Gender Studies

Phone: 206.296.5473

Building/Room: Casey 430-14

Photo of Thorne Clayton-Falls

Thorne Clayton-Falls

Assistant to the Director, University Honors Program

Phone: 206.296.5305

Building/Room: Casey 230

Photo of Daniel Dombrowski, PhD

Daniel Dombrowski, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Professor, Philosophy

Phone: 206.296.5465

Building/Room: Casey 430-07

Photo of Yancy Hughes Dominick, PhD

Yancy Hughes Dominick, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Senior Instructor, Philosophy

Phone: 206.296.5475

Building/Room: Casey 210-06

Photo of Theresa M. Earenfight, PhD

Theresa M. Earenfight, PhD

PhD, Medieval and Early Modern History

Professor, History
Program Director, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Phone: 206-296-5479

Building/Room: Casey 410-09

Photo of Kendall Fisher, PhD

Kendall Fisher, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Phone: 206-296-5469

Building/Room: Casey 430-12

Photo of Molly Clark Hillard, PhD

Molly Clark Hillard, PhD

PhD, English

Associate Professor, English

Phone: 206-296-5353

Building/Room: Casey 510-12

Photo of Wai-Shun Hung, PhD

Wai-Shun Hung, PhD

PhD, French-Philosophy

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Phone: 206.296.5920

Building/Room: Casey 430-11

Photo of Nalini Iyer, PhD

Nalini Iyer, PhD

PhD, English

Professor, English
Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program and Women and Gender Studies

Phone: 206.220.8467

Building/Room: Casey 510-07

Photo of Stacey Jones, PhD

Stacey Jones, PhD

PhD, Economics

Senior Instructor, Economics

Phone: 206-296-5790

Building/Room: Pigott 427

Photo of William Kangas, PhD

William Kangas, PhD

PhD, History

Senior Lecturer, History

Phone: 206.398.4602

Building/Room: Rianna 106

Photo of Paul Kidder, PhD

Paul Kidder, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Professor, Philosophy

Phone: 206.296.5357

Building/Room: Casey 430-05

Specializing in metaphysics, Continental philosophy, philosophy of art and architecture, and ethics, including ethics in urban affairs. Teaching competence in history of philosophy, political philosophy, and philosophical anthropology.

Photo of Paulette Kidder, PhD

Paulette Kidder, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Interim Dean/College of Education

Phone: 206-296-5758

Building/Room: Loyola 500B

Photo of David W. Madsen, PhD

David W. Madsen, PhD

PhD, Classics

Professor Emeritus, History

Building/Room: Casey 410

Photo of Sean H. McDowell, PhD

Sean H. McDowell, PhD

PhD, English Literature

Associate Professor, English

Phone: 206-296-5608

Building/Room: Casey 510-10

Sean McDowell joined Seattle University in 2002 after a two-year stint as a visiting professor at Indiana University, where he received his Ph.D. in 2000. His teaching specialties include classical, medieval, and Early Modern poetry and drama; Irish literature; Chinese and Japanese poetry in translation; historical phenomenology; the history and philosophy of science; archipelagic literature; film studies; and creative writing.

Photo of Allison Machlis Meyer, PhD

Allison Machlis Meyer, PhD

PhD, English

Associate Professor

Phone: 206.296.5418

Building/Room: Casey 510-06

Photo of Quinton Morris, DMA

Quinton Morris, DMA

DMA, Violin Performance

Director, Chamber and Instrumental Music
Associate Professor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership
Associate Appointment, Global African Studies

Phone: 206.296.2699

Building/Room: HUNT 021

Photo of Elise Murowchick, PhD

Elise Murowchick, PhD

PhD, Human Development and Family Studies

Lecturer, Psychology

Phone: 206.220.8521

Building/Room: HRDG 140Q

Photo of Thomas R. Murphy, SJ

Thomas R. Murphy, SJ


Associate Professor, History

Phone: 206.296.5444

Building/Room: Casey 410-05

Photo of Michael Ng, PhD

Michael Ng, PhD

PhD, History

Adjunct Faculty

Building/Room: Rianna 108

Photo of Jodi O'Brien, PhD

Jodi O'Brien, PhD

PhD, Sociology

Professor, Sociology
Associate Appointment, Women and Gender Studies

Phone: 206.296.5384

Building/Room: Casey 310-04

Photo of Erik Olsen, PhD

Erik Olsen, PhD

PhD, Political Science

Associate Professor, Political Science

Phone: 206.296.5453

Building/Room: Casey 410-06

Photo of Kathleen M. Pape, PsyD

Kathleen M. Pape, PsyD


Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 206-296-5400

Building/Room: HRDG 140T

Photo of Dean Peterson, PhD

Dean Peterson, PhD

PhD, Economics

Associate Professor, Economics

Phone: 206-296-2538

Building/Room: Pigott 524

Photo of Matthew Rellihan, PhD

Matthew Rellihan, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Phone: 206.296.5472

Building/Room: Casey 430-09

Photo of James Risser, PhD

James Risser, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Professor, Philosophy

Phone: 206.296.5468

Building/Room: Casey 430-20

Photo of Christina Roberts, PhD

Christina Roberts, PhD

Nakoda and Aaniiih Nations
PhD in Literature, University of Arizona

Director, Indigenous Peoples Institute
Associate Director, Matteo Ricci Institute
Associate Professor, English
Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies

Phone: 206-296-2817

Building/Room: Casey 510-16 / Xavier 160

Photo of Randall Souza, PhD

Randall Souza, PhD

PhD, Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology

Assistant Professor, History

Phone: 206-220-8228

Building/Room: Casey 410-03

Photo of Heath Spencer, PhD

Heath Spencer, PhD

PhD, History

Senior Instructor, History

Phone: 206-398-4615

Building/Room: Rianna 106

Photo of Sharon A. Suh, PhD

Sharon A. Suh, PhD

PhD, Religion

Professor, Theology and Religious Studies

Phone: 206.296.6409

Building/Room: Casey 230-05

Photo of Andrew Tadie, PhD

Andrew Tadie, PhD

PhD, English

Associate Professor Emeritus, English

Photo of Tom Taylor, PhD

Tom Taylor, PhD

PhD, History

Associate Professor, History
Affiliated with International Studies

Phone: 206.296.5445

Building/Room: Casey 410-18

Photo of William Taylor, MA

William Taylor, MA

MA, English Literature

Associate Professor Emeritus, English

Photo of Charles M. Tung, PhD

Charles M. Tung, PhD

PhD, English

Department Chair
Professor, English

Phone: 206.296.6452

Building/Room: Casey 510-14

Photo of Jerome Veith, PhD

Jerome Veith, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Senior Instructor, Philosophy

Phone: 206.296.5470

Building/Room: Rianna 104

Photo of Edwin H. Weihe, PhD

Edwin H. Weihe, PhD

PhD, American Literature and Fiction

Associate Professor, Film Studies

Phone: 206.296.5426

Building/Room: Casey 510-03

Photo of Jason Wirth, PhD

Jason Wirth, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Professor, Philosophy
Associate Appointment, Film Studies

Phone: 206.296.2135

Building/Room: Casey 430-03