Budget Transfers

Budget Transfers

Budget Transfers are entered into and processed using the Axiom Budget Software.  

The slide deck below provides instructions for entering a budget transfer into Axiom.

Budget Transfer Training Slide Deck (Abridged)

If you have a complex or lengthy (>8 lines) Budget Transfer please use the Excel form linked below, complete it, and send to the UBO - ubo@seattleu.edu 

Budget Transfer Upload Form

Troubleshooting Tips

If you select the Budget Transfer Button on the Axiom Home Page and it appears nothing is happening, ensure that there is not a pop up being blocked.  To do this, look for the blocked pop up in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Choose to enable pop up and then select the Budget Transfer button again.

If you are experiencing difficulties completing your Budget Transfer entry in Axiom, please confirm that:

1. You are somewhere in the financial span of authority for the Activity which is having budget reduced.

2. The Activity which is having budget reduced belongs to the Reporting Unit that you entered on the first page. If it does not, you will not be able to enter the transfer and will need to begin a new transfer with the correct Reporting Unit identified at the outset.

If you have confirmed that you are in the financial span of authority and that the Reporting Unit chosen is correct for the Activity being reduced and you still cannot complete the Budget Transfer, please email the University Budget Office (UBO) at ubo@seattleu.edu with the following information.

1. Budget Transfer number

2. Screenshot or error message which appears (if there is one)

3. A brief description of what it is that you are tying to do that Axiom will not allow.


All Budget Transfers must adhere to the Policy on Transfer of Salary Dollars

University policies and guidelines governing budget management and fiscal stewardship can be found on the Controller's Office website and on the University Policies website.