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What is life at Seattle University really like? How do SU students balance the demands of school, work, and a busy personal life? Read below to meet some of our students in their own words and find out.



Alex is a girl from a city where it never rains, finally able to live out her days in overcast weather! She hails from the beautiful city of Pasadena, California where the sunshine never stops. You can often find her at a local coffee shop, chatting up the baristas at Starbucks, or doing a little retail therapy at the Crossroads Trading Co. on Broadway (10 minute walk from campus)! Alex always wants to be involved and is constantly busy, but enjoys the crazy experiences college has brought. Being a part of SU's Rotaract Club, she spends her Saturday mornings doing various community service projects around the city. Her favorite hobby, when not busy with the world that is college, is to sit down with friends, order take-out, and watch movies!

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A Seattle native, Joseph never would have guessed he’d be staying in the Emerald City for another four years entering college. When he experienced a taste of Seattle University, however, he realized just how diverse the city truly was. Now a junior studying Humanities for Leadership, Joseph finds himself falling more and more in love with Seattle every day. When he’s not shopping downtown, he can often be found playing League of Legends or making a new Spotify playlist which he’d probably describe as “the most incredible thing ever.” His mission in life is to walk down the runway of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but until then, he’ll settle for watching the newest episode with his closest friends.

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Florence is an international student from China. She came to Seattle four years ago and now treats it as her second home. After finishing two years of study in a community college, she started her journey at SU as a strategic communications student and began to develop campus diversity as an international student orientation leader. Sometimes you can see her laughing out loud with friends in front of the cafeteria, but sometimes she can also be the girl who sits in the library quietly with a novel and a cup of coffee. Florence loves food with her life and great food can always delight her. She also likes to see others eating a lot of delicious food and that’s why she is addicted to watch online eating shows. Florence believes enjoying great food is the happiest thing in the world.

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Meghan is a small town girl that has found Seattle to be her new home. She is an avid sports fan that loves both the Seahawks and the Mariners. When not watching whatever game is on, she enjoys exploring the city and finding new restaurants to try. Meghan spends far too much time reading and searching campus for cute dogs. She is also an Orientation Advisor for the incoming class of 2019... look for her in the red polo!

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