Katie O'Brien

BA in Communication Studies, Seattle University
MEd in Student Development Administration, Seattle University

Senior Assistant Director of Admission, Marketing

Favorite place to grab coffee: My coffee love is reserved for longtime Capitol Hill resident Caffe Vita. Their flagship roastery and cafe—located just a few blocks from campus—has been a SU student favorite study spot for more than 25 years. 

Favorite Place on SU’s Campus: The Chapel of St. Ignatius is a really beautiful, serene, and reverent place on campus. The architecture is stunning, and despite many visits, I still notice new elements or features I hadn't seen previously.

Advice for prospective students: The admissions process and college decisions are done best with a healthy dose of self-reflection. Reflect on what you want your day-to-day experience to be, the people you would like to surround yourself with, the neighborhoods you want to explore, and the future pathways you want to open. Don't let rankings or curated lists drive your journey too much, and take the opinions of others with a grain of salt.

Overall, listen to your gut! There are many colleges that would love to call you a member of their community.