Andrea Frangi

Andrea Frangi smiling at camera

BA in French & English, Seattle University

Senior Associate Director of Admission

Phone: 206-296-5805

Building/Room: ViHilbert 120-32

Favorite Place to grab coffee: I bring my coffee from home so let me tell you about Batch, the fabulous cookie wizards who have a place across 12th Avenue from our office. Warning, the peanut butter sandwich and the Mexican chocolate cookies may change your life and go great with a good cup of coffee.

Favorite Place on SU’s Campus: The Shakespeare garden in front of the Fine Arts building. I walk by it every day and love seeing the purple roses (I mean!!), and the garden behind the Administration Building which rarely has anyone in it so can be a nice place to get away for a quick moment of reflection.

Advice for a prospective students: This is your journey, not your neighbor’s journey, not your sibling’s journey, not your classmate’s journey, it is YOURS. Try to stop comparing yourself to the people around you, the folks making the news for getting into all the Ivy’s, and the people in your community (or on TikTok) who've gone through this process before you. Their journey is not likely to be the right one for you, so you want to make sure that you are forging your own path in finding the place(s) that are going to challenge and welcome you.