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  • Mariners Win!

    I'm not a sports fanatic, per se, but I do happen to revel in the high-static atmosphere of an energized stadium where music blares across the stands filled with thousands of color-coded fans; where popcorn (or, my absolute favorite, kettle corn) pours out of giant tubs of fluffy goodness; where oily cheese pizza slices are larger than my face; where families arrive early so their little kids, aspiring to be big-time pro leaguers, can run down to the edge of the bleachers for a chance at an autograph; where people walk up and down the isles shouldering drinks and stadium snacks--the traditional like peanuts and the non-traditional like shiskaberries (chocolate covered strawberries on a stick)--while announcing their little sales tunes like "you may get a chance to boo or cheer, but it's always better with some ice cold beer!"

    Some people may scorn the sports world, but it's one of America's greatest pastimes and a great heart-pumping, butt-squeezing tradition. This was the world I launched towards and its atmosphere I speared through just yesterday at the Safeco field for the Seattle Mariners' game against the Oakland A's.

    The sun was bright, the sky was clear, and it was so intensely hot, I had to take off my black leggings to ward off my imminent heat stroke. We've been having luck with the weather, but I still prepared for a cold pre-spring day, when, really, I should've prepared for a typical game-day in Hawaii. It was glorious.

    Here I was under the sunny sky on a 70 degree day in seat 8, row 9 right in front of third base, eyeing out Mr. Ichiro himself as he waited for his teammate to, as my mother wailed out next to me, "bring him home!" My family and I scored cheap tickets via stubhub, but SU oftentimes sells subsidized tickets--and we're talking $10 for some great seats--to professional sports games for the Mariners and the Seahawks. You'd better rise and shine for those tickets--there's nothing more motivating for some sleepy late-nighter college kids than an amazing deal to an amazing must-have Seattleite experience. I'd suggest camping, if necessary, for some Seahawk tickets. Seattle's "home of the 12th man," if you didn't know; we're the loudest football crowd in the entire country.

    Back to baseball--Mariners stole the show! The 5-3 win over the yellow A's gave the overwhelmingly blue, teal, white, and green crowd triumphant smiles as it exited the stadium to enjoy the rest of the sunny day.

    One thing I'd suggest for the away team for better luck in the future: perhaps the fulfillment of my fanciful anticipation of Brad Pitt's guest appearance out of the Oakland A's dugout a la "Money Ball." A girl's got to dream.


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