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  • Happy Easter Weekend!

    Welcome back propsectives, all refreshed and new, like a little flower bud awakening from the chill of winter and blooming into the warmth of spring! Seattle's temperature is heating up with the rays of the sun and the clear blue skies.

    Spring is here, but how long it'll stay, no one can tell. But for the moment, it seems like it'll last forever! There's not a single far-off, ominous cloud in sight, and that's the way--uh huh, uh huh--we like it (uh huh, uh huh).

     We had perfect weather all throughout the weekend. Check pictures via FB if you don't believe me. People on my tours oftentimes laugh when I say it's sunny in Seattle more often than people think, for they believe I'm paid as a tour guide to dole out such ludricrous and highly exagerated lies! But, lo! No such thing abounds in our admissions office as we are true to our guests and thus, I am letting you all know that there are such things as sunny days in Seattle!

    Saturday was a perfect day to execute a photo shoot and video shoot for lu'au. I'm glad I could coordinate the shoot with relatively short notice for 11 dancers, 1 photographer, 1 videoographer (is that a real word?), and a bunch of Hawaii Club officers to hunker down, take the 15 minute drive to Alki Beach, dance in full costume and dress, and do some major three hour filming and photographing for our fliers and show. Sun, camera, action! 

     Not to mention, a little baby pup harbor seal flopped up onto shore just as we were filming near the water. It was too darn cute. Seriously. Any cute radar could pick up that pup's cuteness from across the globe. He just chilled on the black sand near the water for the remainder of the day, not minding the Seattle University students who danced in pa'u skirts and malos to chants and mouthed drum beats on the other side of the logs. That's Seattle for you.

    Speaking of Seattle marine life, there's also been a somewhat recently discovered shark species in the Puget Sound--they call it the Seven Gills...we can only speculate why.

    Speaking of Seattle critter life, squirrels are sure to be appearing any time soon! Expect them to scurry across your path or from tree to tree with their big fluffy tails flowing behind them as you scour across campus. Dogs will be walking through campus more frequently, humming birds are on the rise, songbirds will make it through the area, and the ocassional butterfly will flitter into view every now and then. Here's a fair warning to all of you: if you plan to take a campus tour with me as your guide, I'll have to make a verbal note and nearly inaudible squeel for every animal we pass by. It's like we're coming out of hibernation (much like my blog). Can you blame a girl?


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