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  • Spring It

    Hello, prospects!

    It's nice to chat with you all again.

    Updates? What isn't there to update? Spring Break has been a well-deserved break for this busy body. People often wonder how in the world I could keep myself so busy without breaking down: "Are you wired on caffeine? Seattle's best coffee got you buzzed?" Actually, I pride myself in being completely caffeine free for about...five years! I used to drink Sprite more than water as a child--a terrible habit, I know--but I gave up the juice cold turkey for lent my junior year in high school. I've been caffeine free ever since.

    So it leaves the question unanswered...how do I do it? It's not any caffeine or sugar fueling the fire (although I will admit, I love candy, candy, candy!). I'd say the answer sits somewhere in between or amidst passion and fulfillment. I just love doing what I do, and I feel like it gives me purpose.

    Back from Sring Break only one week, and I'm already in the deep Jesuit mood!

    I've been MIA for quite too long, and I apologize for it--so here's a spitfire way to sum up the winter quarter:

    • Fashion Club's annual On My Block Fashion Show: Two Natures at War kicked off March with a spectacular bang! We featured student-styled clothing from professional Seattle-based boutiques and retail stores including Zebra Club, Buckle, Vuesociety, Blue Luna, Gifted by Choice, Casual Industries, and so much more! All the proceeds of the event went to Dress for Success, an organization dedicated to clothing underprivileged women for the workforce. Success.
    • I also enjoyed walking in the International Students Club's fashion show in my traditional floor length red raffia Tahitian skirt and headdress, showcasing Polynesian culture alongside Ugandian, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Native American, Filipino, and so many more. The world is taking over fashion! Or is it the other way around? One look at this show, and you wouldn't think otherwise.
    • Practices for Hawai'i Club's lu'au is in full throttle, one hour per dance per week, and I'm teaching four (not including my Tahitian dance classes at the gym, which is twice a week), so I'm dancing the nights away! It's a great workout, especially since I can hardly find time to go to the gym for a traditional lift and run session.
    • Classes were a success! I enjoyed British Lit, Design and Color, and Art History. In fact, at one point I was learning about the Renaissance period in both my British Lit and Art History course simultaneously--it was pretty neat.

    Next up? Spring Quarter, the last quarter of junior year!

    • On my class schedule: Shakespeare, Digital Imaging, and Marketing. I've got all the bases covered for my English/Creative-Writing major, Digital Design major, and Entrepreneurship minor this quarter. What an eclectic quarter this is.
    • Fashion Club's lining up some photo shoots left and right. Bring it on! April newsletter forthcoming.
    • Lu'au full force no turning back! T-minus one month till lu'au! It's going down May 5th! I'm psyched, anxious, nervous, excited, freaking out, stressed, pumped--all of the above. Costumes, after-concerts, decorations, sounds, videos, photo shoots, dances, practices, meetings, presentations, fliers, tickets, selling, fundraising, advertising, cooking, cutting, de-frosting, run-thrus, dress rehearsals, sound checks, doors open, dancers dress, food served, lights down, LU'AU. 

    Woah. Go big or go home! Keep me on the radar, we're not going home yet. Bring it!


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