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  • Happy Back2School Day

    Well look who's back. I'm welcoming myself back to Seattle from the much-enjoyed winter break. It was good while it lasted.

    Winter quarter, English Readings in British Literature II, and Survey in Art began yesterday, Wednesday, January 4th. But my first day of classes began today, January 5th. Rebel status. I missed my first day of classes due to a crazy surge in ticket prices. Granted, prices are always inflated around prime-time holiday traveling, and especially to and from a top vacation spot like Hawai'i, but a single one-way ticket from paradise to Seattle was a whopping one grand previous to January 4th! I was more than happy to stay an extra day in the islands, pay less than half the price for my ticket, and miss the first day of searching for your seat that you'll assign yourself to for the rest of the quarter, of going over the syllabus Bible-esque guide for class survival, and figuring out who would be your go-to partner throughout the course.

    However, I did make it to the first day for Art 100 Design and Color, so cut me some slack. It was great--Naomi Kasumi is the most energetic professor out there. She made her syllabus seem like the most exciting piece of epic novel ever. That's called talent. And magic. And miracle.

    She had each student introduce him or herself to the class and shed some light on winter break activities. After listening to everyone's random activities of beach, work, hanging with friends and family, and so forth, I realized something. We all said nearly the same thing in the same way: as if we just went with the flow over break and did what we did. We didn't really have plans or schedules or appointments to make. We didn't scribble every last detail in a calendar or have times in mind. We were on vacation.

    And now we're not.

    Yet, being back in the fast-paced, purpose-filled, intentionally-lived life of college--with it's dates and times and assignments and due dates and meetings and appointments and friends and parties and exams and studying and suffering and succeeding and fulfilling--feels great. I have direction here. And I only have a couple more years to go. I'm already half way there. I want to be able to say more than that it was good while it lasted. I want to say much more than that.


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