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  • Goulish Times

    It's almost Halloween (maniacal laugh)!


    Are any of you going to the first of the two Fall Preview Days on October 29th? I'll be there, bright and early, at 7am. Fall Preview Days are great for anyone who's interested in Seattle University; it's just a day of non-stop information and tours. And, of course, I'll be one of your many tour guides. Maybe I should come dressed in full Halloween costume--celebrate the spirit, you know? But that might scare away all of the prospective students.


    Decisions, decisions.


    Since Halloween is right around the corner, so are midterms...bum bum BUM! Cue horror film scream. My Marketing midterm is tomorrow, but, fortunately, I'm feeling very prepared. "Gasp! What's your secret?" you ask? Proffesor Koh always uses the last class before the midterm as an opportunity for students to visit him in his office and speak one on one or in a group about how to prepare for the exam. He's basically filling your jack-o-lantern bucket to the rim with candy--all you have to do is say "trick or treat!"


    As for my two other courses, I'm sure they're just around the river bend as well. I'm going to have to check my handy dandy notebook sooner or later--and preferably sooner--to find out. Honestly, they're on my mind, but they're right next to my list of possible costume ideas, and it's a long list.


    Decisions, decisions.


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