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    Posted by Rayann Onzuka on 12/6/2011 11:51:58 AM

    Take ALL the finals!


    I finished English and Web Design with a final paper and a take-home online final, respectively, yesterday. Two down and one to go! Bring it on Marketing. By 4pm tomorrow afternoon, I'll be a free woman.


    The rest of my finals week:

    • Wednesday: the last of finals!
    • Thursday: my 5th year anniversary with Kamea Kuaiwa, my high school sweet heart.
    • Friday: To the aquarium in celebration!
    • Saturday-Monday: Enjoy the weekend with my sister, mother, and niece (a.k.a. Athena, the full-grown labrador who thinks she's a small puppy and who will kill me one day because of it) down in Seatac.
    • Tuesday: To the islands!
    • Tuesday night: official winter break vacation in 80 degree weather with family and friends and a hot plate of meat jun from Yummy's Korean fast-food restaurant begins!
    • From then until the new year: bask in the Hawaiian sun.


    Speaking of the new year, I have yet to begin writing out my New Year's Resolutions. What should they be...think, think....think, think....


    • Get a sweat going! It's high time I head back to the gym for some serious de-stressing.
    • Practice Tahitian dancing on the daily. I'm planning to compete in the Spring, and I want to represent my best.
    • Cook dinner once a week. My microwavable routine needs an upgrade.
    • Save money. I'm going to begin investing in my future, one slice of paycheck at a time.
    • Take my reusable bag to the grocery store! It hangs there by my door, hoping I remember to take it. This time, I will.
    • Take more photos! I'm all about "living in the moment," but this year, I want to make a great photo album.
    • Write letters to my Grammy. I know she'd appreciate my endless ramblings.
    • Call my mom and dad more often. They'll never hear the end of it.
    • Send holiday cards to my family in Hawaii. You can always start a new tradition.
    • Continue my age-old story I began writing in middle school.
    • Quit using the elevator in my apartment. Four flights isn't bad at all, and I've quit before. Time to go back to rehab.
    • Make my bed every day. I never understood the point of it. Then I had guests over. End of story.
    • Go on outdoor adventures: snowboarding, hiking, walking through the park, paddle-boarding.
    • Reconnect with old friends and stay connected.
    • Throw a movie night party with friends. "How to Train your Dragon?" Yes, please!
    • Be patient, creative, outgoing, wiser, more understanding, relaxed, energetic, more kind, open, happy.
    • Learn how to do the splits. Hey, any achievement is worthwhile.
    • Read more. I just finished a long, drawn-out book series--one of my most favorite of all time. I almost forgot what it was like to read books outside of school.
    • Do less browsing on the computer and more in real life.

    I'm sure I'll have more to add later, but this is a good start. A fresh start.