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  • It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

    Posted by Rayann Onzuka on 11/29/2011 11:13:35 AM

    Ah, the holidays. I love them. Family, friends, Winter Break, food, Winter Break, love, Winter Break.


    Thanksgiving was amazing. There's always Thanksgiving potlucks among college friends if you're wondering how you'll be able to feast, but since my sister lives 30 minutes south of the school, I spend Thanksgiving with her, my mother, my brother who flies up every year from Arizona, and our cousins who have recently been stationed an hour north. It's funny how life works. I set out to Seattle to experience a culture and lifestyle beyond the islands--what better time than during the college years?--and yet, I am still surrounded by family. I love it. I wouldn't want it any other way.


    Otherwise, I do live in my own apartment, independent. I'm growing at a normal college student rate, and it's great. I wash my own clothes and dishes, pay my rent and electricity, check my bills and my accounts, all like a pro. "Toot, toot," if you know what I mean.


    But the rest of the holidays are fast-approaching, and as much as I love Thanksgiving, Christmas has just as much (though, maybe even more) food and quadruple the amount of family. Ok, so I like the presents, too. And pictures with Santa. Give me a break--just because I'm a college junior, doesn't mean I can't revel happily with my inner child.


    Speaking of breaks, I could use one. Thanksgiving break is always a refreshing teaser, a blissful 5 day weekend before the storm of hell week (pre-finals). One last week of school--the cramming of projects, the overviews for finals, the last chance to turn in revised papers for extra credit--leads you into one of the best weeks of school: finals. Trust me. Unlike crazy midterms, you have no classes meddling in between your exams. You don't have meetings. You don't have club duties. You don't have homework (for the most part). You don't have class. Just three separate finals to focus on, and some only lasting 1.5 hours.


    Then, you have winter break.


    I would love to go back home, feel the warmth of the sun, dive into the ocean, and lie on the sand. I've been in Seattle all summer and throughout fall quarter, and it's high time I head back home for a little refresher with my little cousins and with my father. It's high time I pay tribute to the place that raised me before I start the second quarter of my junior year. But first, finals. Wish me luck!

    Let it Snow!

    Posted by Rayann Onzuka on 11/15/2011 12:16:41 PM

    Honestly. Really. I'm not kidding. My co-worker Beth--the most awesomest bestest wonderfullest (most sickest at the moment) girl ever-er--doesn't believe me, but it happened.


    It snowed yesterday.


    November 14th, 2011, at 12:20pm just outside the the Administration building after English 254, a little Hawaiian girl let out a piercing shriek and nearly dropped her books at the sight of little white specks falling from the sky.


    It lasted for about two minutes, but hey, it was there.


    And it's scheduled to snow in the Seattle area this Saturday--yes, scheduled. Don't mock my infatuation with what NW natives would consider a "pitiful excuse for snow." Honestly, I could easily say the same for anyone who's jumping up and down for a little bump on the ocean's surface, a sad excuse for a wave; however, beauty is beauty is beauty, and no matter how many times a person experienced "real snow" and no matter how many times a person experienced "real waves," such beauty should always be appreciated, cherished. Don't take anything for granted. Appreciate all the little things in life. Enjoy every moment. [Insert cheesy (but true!) cliche here].


    A snowy Saturday would be a perfect back drop for Fall Ball--Seattle University's annual prom-esque event that's always held at some amazing place in the city. Freshmen year--Seattle Aquarium (with the touching tank open and a few exhibits lighted just for us). Sophomore year--EMP, Experience Music Project. This year--SAM, Seattle Art Museum.




    The very next day, at a bright 7am, I'll be working again with my co-worker Beth and all the other Student to Student Representatives for Fall Preview Day round II! See you there? Maybe this time I'll just come in with my Fall Ball outfit, bubbly bright blue dress and all.

    Fall Foward

    Posted by Rayann Onzuka on 11/8/2011 10:51:34 AM

    Daylight Savings never ceases to amaze me.


    I woke up thinking I had slept in until 10am on Sunday...but, lo and behold, it was actually 9am! I walked around my one bedroom apartment and changed the clocks on the oven, microwave, and desk--It was like flying home to Hawai'i and winding back the clock by three whole hours. It was like flying home from Japan and gaining an entire day! It was like travelling back in time...


    But, to the future! Tomorrow night I'm working as Blogger Press at the Goodwill Glitter Gala, an annual event dedicated to showcasing the luxurious Goodwill finds (think vintage, prada, chanel, and the like) and raising money to benefit Goodwill's educagtion program. In other words, it's an amazing fashion show dedicated towards funding amazing people who are helping equally amazing people independently finance their lives and families. In short, it's amazing.


    On Thursday, I'll be backstage at Goodwill, snapping photos at the Blogger Sneak Peek for Goodwill's weekend Glitter Sale!


    • Sneak peek: sneak a peek of the lavish clothes from the show and also in storage that will be made affordable for the everyday bargain-hunter and sold at a fraction of the original cost at the Glitter Sale.
    • Glitter Sale: a frenzy of bargain-hunters and style shoppers trying on clothes in the middle of the store and people buying mountains and mountains of clothing.


    Before the Goodwill sale, though, I'll be hitting up Value Village on Veteran's day to take advantage of their "entire store 50% off!" sale with my friends at an early bird 7am. After that adventure, I'll be heading over to Full Life Care with Hui 'O Nani Hawai'i (the Hawai'i club) to make lei and dance hula with the members. I love going to Full Life Care and sharing our Hawaiian culture with its members--they're always so happy to have us and ready to get involved in activities. Its so heart-warming to see their smiles and laughter and to know that you had a part in making that happen; even if it was a small part, it was a part, nonetheless. And that makes the biggest difference.

    Halloween at SU

    Posted by Rayann Onzuka on 11/2/2011 10:27:10 AM

    Happy Belated Halloween!


    Seattle University students take Halloween very seriously. Although we students celebrate the Friday and Saturday before Halloween (since Halloween was so conveniently placed on Monday, of all school days), we still showed our spooky spirits all throughout the weekend and in the middle of class. I mean, we had astronauts and fully-dressed-for-game-day hockey players strutting around campus all throughout the--somewhat oddly--sunny day on Monday, October 31st. I had two zombie princesses complete with sunken black eyes and tortured hair in my early morning English class (and by early I mean 10:55am). Speaking of English, Dr. Roberts assigned Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" and "The Tell-Tale Heart" over the weekend as her way of honoring the spooky spirit. Let me tell thee this: Horror movies have nothing on horror stories...the suspense...the gore...the description playing out in your overactive imagination...the thoughts of a criminal right before your eyes...the deception...the crime...just don't read in the dark...




    Later on that evening I saw Optimus Prime in full autobot form walking through the library alongside a life-size teddy bear.


    In further news of dressing up, Fall Ball is right around the corner, set for November 19th at the SAM; yes, it's going to be at the Seattle Art Museum. I won't be dressing as Pikachu for this weekend as I did the last, so a prom-esque dress rather than a yellow jump suit and an up-do rather than a Pikachu spirit hood will have to do. I didn't go to Fall Ball last year, but my freshmen year was incredible; it was at the Seattle Aquarium. Animals. Sea. Music. Dancing. I felt like Ariel at one of Sebastian's raging undersea concerts.


    Uh 1, 2, uh 1, 2, 3, 4!