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  • Rejection, so now what?

    Well hello there readers! I'm back after quite a long time, I apologize for the delay! I have lots to tell you about! So get ready.

    First, we had snowpocolypse 2012 here in Seattle. I'm sure you saw us on the news, it was National News!!! Our 6 inches of snow almost took the whole city down haha. Not actually, other places got more, but as for us here on First Hill, Capitol Hill, and the Central District area, we got about 5-6 inches I would say...but I am not a meteorologist after all. I got to go sledding and drank warm coffee and just missed lots of school! Haha, we did not have school for three whole days last week! Nailed it!

    Second, I did not get the Fulbright scholarship that I applied for to teach in Thailand. This news I found out on Thursday. Now here's a little piece of advice, no matter how old you are, rejection never gets easier. Also, no matter how many other back up plans you have, rejection still sucks. I had my heart set on Thailand, but I am moving on to bigger and better things! After all, who doesn't love another year of school! Up next, grad school!

    Thirdly, I turned in all of my grad school applications for the Master of Social Work program! I feel great about my applications. The final list: Boston College, Columbia University, University of Washington (Seattle & Tacoma campuses), Washington University in St. Louis, and University of Denver. And so now the waiting game begins. So all of you prospective students that are waiting to hear back from colleges, I totally understand your pain right now. We will get through it!

    Until next time, it's sunny out here in Seattle! Happy end of January! Can you believe it's already February?!


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