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  • Science is everywhere

    [For full blog reading experience, explore a river, park, forest, desert, etc.]     

    This quarter has a lot going on but in the best way.   I looked at my planner for the rest of the quarter and each week I have a midterm, big presentation or project due (and sometimes a combination of all three).  I already feel like this is all going to fly by if I don’t take the time to enjoy everything around me.

    I thought I would take this post (even though I already kind of showed you last week) to show you what has been happening in my science life and labs.  The two classes with labs that I am taking this quarter are Cell Biology and Ecology.  So far I really enjoy the classes and it makes me sad that I will be done with classes once I graduate.  I have loved all my biology classes and they have been so much fun.  This week in Cell Bio, we became accustomed to the lab and various instruments we will be working with.  The picture below is of my friend and lab partner, Justin, as he is looking at our cheek cells under a microscope.  Justin is a General Science major and just took his MCAT last week so let’s all wish him the best of luck! 

      Justin Willis

    The other lab class I am taking is Ecology and these labs are awesome because we spend the whole time outside.  This week we went to the Duwamish River which is in Seattle and in 2001, the lower part of the river was declared a Federal Superfund site by the EPA.  My professor, Dr. Whitlow, and the students that work with him do research on the Duwamish.  He also works with some faculty in the Chemistry department to look at various pollutant levels in the river.  In this lab we went to different sites along the Duwamish and collected samples and data such as turbidity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, etc.  We also took sediment samples to be analyzed by the Instrumental Analysis class.  One of the highlights of the lab was seeing a river otter at one of the sites!  I actually didn’t see it because I slipped in the water and was busy dealing with the water filling up my boots.  Here are some pictures of our lab!    

    Here is Dr. Whitlow talking to the class!


    Here is some of the group taking samples from one of the sites.


    This is the lab TA/ my friend Carolyn.


    Being a science major here really allows students to have a hands-on learning experience and being able to participate and really do science has been really rewarding and enjoyable.  It is experiences like these that help me feel supported to move on and continue my education in Graduate school or wherever I end up!  And even if you’re not interested in the sciences, know that this hands-on approach and being able to live out your education can be found in all majors. 


    In other news, it is a BEAUTIFUL day today.  Spring quarter is the best.   


    Yours truly,

    Ben Neal




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