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  • If there is one thing I know, it is that centipedes are scary.

    [For full blog reading experience, dig around in some dirt and look for bugs (it is more fun than it sounds)]

    Each week that goes by is another week closer to graduation!  Week one: complete. 

    I am really excited for this quarter.  My classes are really interesting and all of the work will be totally worth it!  For our first lab in Ecology, we studied terrestrial ecology on campus.  The SU campus is all organically managed and so no pesticides are used.  Plus there are many edible plants on campus so feel free to try some herbs at the Shakespeare Garden by the Fine Arts building.  Our lab surrounded leaf litter and the number of invertebrates that live there.  We collected data for the Grounds staff of Facilities Services and their pest management program.  Each group took samples from on and off campus locations to compare distributions and abundances of invertebrates.  My least favorite invertebrate was the centipede.  It is a predator and is super creepy.  The largest centipedes in the world can eat bats. BATS.  IT CAN CATCH FLYING BATS AS IT HANGS OFF OF THE CAVE WALL.  I don’t like that one bit.    Here are some pictures of my group (Justin and Marissa) taking samples and then the samples back in lab:

     Justin is a scientist

    (Justin taking some samples and making some measurements)

     Eco Group

     Leaf Litter  


     (Various invertebrates that I found in the samples.  There are some nematodes, millipedes, slugs and more!)

    Some other highlights of the week include meeting the actor Jason Momoa when we went out for my friend Andre’s birthday this weekend.  Jason Momoa has been in Stargate Atlantis, Game of Thrones and Conan the Barbarian.  He was in town for the Emerald City Comicon.  He was super nice and even took a picture with us!

       Jason Momoa

     Also we had an Accepted Student Open House on Sunday which was a lot of fun!  We had many prospective students and their families on campus and I led tours, answered questions and got to talk to lots of excited future Redhawks!  We have another Accepted Student Open House coming up on April 14th! Hope all you accepted students can make it! 

    One of the greatest highlights of the weekend was seeing The Hunger Games for the second time with my friend Abbey.  It was the best. 

    Yours truly,

    Ben Neal



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