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  • Let's Give a Cheer for Seattle

    [For full blog reading experience, eat a hot dog and surround yourself with cheering fans]

    Hi there!

    This past week has been a BUSY one!  My indoor rec soccer team is starting, I am going to see Hamlet, and school is busy but great as usual even though Philosophy/ Ethics isn’t my strong suit.  One of the highlights of the past weeks was the basketball game that I went to last Thursday!

    Athletics, in coordination with the admissions office, reserved a suite for employees of the admissions office to attend the Men’s Basketball game against Pepperdine! 

    It was AWESOME.  We got tons of free food and soda and snacks and all the admissions counselors, student representatives (tour guides) and other employees of the office sat together to cheer for the Redhawks.  I had so much fun and it was great time to get to know the office and to be together outside of the “work environment.”  I personally think the Admissions office is the best office on campus but then again, I am a little biased.  All you prospective students are lucky because the admissions staff is a very hardworking group but also super friendly and all around great people.  We played an athletics trivia game in our sweet during halftime and entered a contest to win $25,000 dollars but I didn’t win either. 

    Here is a picture of Evan (another tour guide) and I:

     Ben & Evan

     Here is a picture of Key Arena:

    Key Arena

    The Redzone is the student fan group and they always have so much fun down in the stands and students get great seats!  As a student you receive free admission to basketball games and free transportation to and from Key Arena!  What more could you want?  There also are opportunities for free food, t-shirts and other stuff!  At this game we got free redzone t-shirts and glowsticks because it was the Blackout game and everyone was supposed to wear black. 

    Overall it was a great time and I want to give a shout out and thank you to Athletics and the Admissions Office!   


    Also if you ever want to know the fight song, just ask me!  I know it by heart. 

    Yours truly,

    Ben Neal    



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