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    Posted by Jason Moy on 12/12/2011 12:20:22 PM


    Hello readers!


    You could be coming to this blog for a variety of reasons.  You could be a prospective student looking for a Redhawk perspective of Seattle University. You could have met me on a tour and wanted to know about my involvement and life at SU.  You could have just randomly found this blog and decided to read it. 


    Regardless of motivation for reading, you are here.  And I hope I can provide you with some insight into my life here in Seattle and my experience at Seattle University. 


    One idea I had for this blog is to provide you with some sensory clues that I am also experiencing. 


    For this post, the smell of holiday candles and a Christmas tree will put you in a similar space that I am in (as I am home for Winter break for the next few weeks).


    More in-depth and interesting posts are still to come.  Don't worry.  



    This is my welcome, my hello, my thank you for reading.  I hope you can continue to follow the many "adventures" of my life and how I choose the live out the rest of my senior year (CRAZY RIGHT?!). 



    Yours truly,

    Ben Neal

    Test 1

    Posted by Eli Christopher on 12/5/2011 04:05:56 PM
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