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  • We are who we are and we do what we do.

    Posted by Jason Moy on 1/30/2011 10:53:50 PM

    In high school it seemed like we did everything for our college application. In college it seems like we do everything for our resume. Why is this so? I love school, I really do. I am one of those nerds who just loves learning a myriad of new things and wishes she could have twenty majors and thirty minors and still finish in four years. If I could, I would probably choose to be in school for a majority of my life and work for about ten years. With that being said, I have been recently pondering future plans, current resume, and reasons for what I get myself involved in. I am what one might call, over-involved in too many different things, but what I figured out is that I love everything that I do. I have two jobs and an internship. I volunteer in my free time and go into debt traveling the world to help NGO's in Developing Nations. I am involved in retreats on campus and am President of a club that fights Eating Disorders. Not to mention that I make an attempt at a social life in between the insanity of 18 credits and the rest of my extra-curricular activities and jobs. What I am telling you all of this for is to pass on some wisdom that I have acquired through this journey of college. That wisdom is this: love and intentionality. We are only young once and we do not get second chances so do only things that you love and only things that you intentionally mean to do. Sign up for clubs that you are passionate about, not ones that you think will "look good" on your resume. Take jobs that won't make you crazy and that will help put into perspective what kind of career you can see yourself holding in the future. Find internships that suit the amount of time you have in a week and the kind of field that interests you. Be a Duck Tour guide if that is what your heart desires, be a scuba instructor in Australia for a summer, whatever lights a fire in you, follow that and do not let what other's say change your mind. You will be okay, no matter what you do. You will find the perfect job for you even if you get rejected from ten before you find one. You will get into the college that fits you best even if it is not your first choice. Everything will be okay, in fact, it will be better than okay. Your life with be incredible and unique to you so love it and live it! And with that I leave you for another great week! GO REDHAWKS!

    -Do what your heart says, not your mind. You will be okay.

    A letter to Winter Quarter.

    Posted by Jason Moy on 1/24/2011 01:17:32 PM

    Dear Winter Quarter,

    You have come once again and as always you have blind sided me. We are already in week 4 and you are dominating my life. Why must you be so rainy and cold? Why must I be required to do homework when all I want to do is sleep for days, drink tea, and stay under a blanket with movies? You are the hardest quarter and I hate you to be quite honest. I have become a member of the struggle bus because of you. Luckily other students have joined me because you are just so difficult. We need sunshine at the very least, and for the past 7-10 days you have not even provided that! I am sick of your rainy and cold winter days. I am tired of your immense amount of homework and work. The light at the end of your dark and stormy tunnel is the 8 weeks we have left until Spring time! That's 8 weeks until Cambodia, the trip of a lifetime. That is why I love you Winter Quarter. Because the quarter family is the best family to have. You are short and quick and that makes things easier. I know that we will all survive you Winter Quarter because we do every year, but I just want you to be better at things. I want more days like the day we had on Saturday. Just bring more rain-free days that I can frolick around downtown on and please oh please bring one day of sunshine.


    Girl who is fed up with Winter Quarter and just wants to go swim suit shopping and buy some new gladiator sandals.

    Life in a Psych Ward.

    Posted by Amanda Thomas on 1/10/2011 09:01:49 AM

    So this week I would love to tell you about my internship! I had my first day on Sunday and it was AMAZING. As some of you may have been following my blog, I got an internship working at Seattle Children's Hospital in the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit (IPU). My internship will be 10 weeks long and each week I focus on learning something different. Using that method of learning will ensure that by the end of the 10 weeks, I will know all that I need to know! Well, that's the plan anyway... So my first day I woke up at 5:30am and hopped on a bus an hour later. By 7am I arrived in the IPU, badge on my belt loop, and smile on my face, I was so ready for whatever the kids had for me that day! My internship is basically me shadowing a coach around and working with different groups of kids. A coach is the person who runs the therapy groups, mediates fights, basically just takes care of the kids while they are patients there. The kids age range goes from 5-18 and their disorders all vary as well. They are in the IPU because they cannot function in society any longer. The only part that is not my favorite is that it is a short-term facility so we don't focus as much on past traumas, but more on their current situation. My career goals are more oriented toward long-term care so that is why I feel indifferent about that part of my new job. Anyway, the kids that I worked with today were great, I worked with the 'C' kids so they're the oldest of all the groups and they were great! I had a lot of fun hanging out with them and watching the therapy group and I even began learning how to chart! By the end of my 10 weeks I should be leading the therapy groups by myself and charting and mediating, I cannot wait for that day! For now though, I am trying to stay out of any fights because although this week they only fought with words, apparently it can get a little intense at times, if you catch my drift. We have been warned about flying chairs and cannot even bring water bottles in the room because they could hurt real bad if they get thrown at your face!

    I will keep you updated on how my internship progresses, I am sure I will have some good stories by the end of it! In the meantime, I am finishing up my Social Work application for the major here at school and I am doing snow dances so we can have a snow day! Who doesn't love a snow day? :) Until next time bloggers, go get yourself an electric throw blanket to keep you warm on the couch this winter and enjoy your week!

    Hitting the ground running

    Posted by Amanda Thomas on 1/6/2011 10:50:47 PM

    Southern California has four seasons: floods, mud slides, fires, and earthquakes. This winter break I was lucky enough to experience the season of floods. If you watch the news, I am sure you saw the cold and rainy mess that we became down there. Just like Seattlites cannot drive or function in the snow, Southern Californians cannot function or drive in torrential downpours...but really what else do you expect? So I visited family, got the flu, celebrated my all-time favorite holiday, waved to Disneyland, and hung out on the beach. Not only did I make a quick stop in my hometown, but I got to make a quick stop in San Francisco to see more family! After seeing great family and hanging out with my two best friends at home everyday I was there, I made the journey back to the Evergreen State to celebrate the New Year and get ready for school to start back!

    Winter Quarter so far has been insane. I am taking 18 credits, working 30 hours between 2 jobs and an internship, and have about 6 hours of meetings on the side. It is going to be insanely busy, but I am loving every second of it, especially the no class on Fridays part! The countdown has also begun for my big spring break trip to Cambodia, 9 weeks and counting, but more on that later!

    To finish this blog post I have pictures to make you sufficiently jealous of my hometown and I also want to say GO REDHAWKS! I went to the game against Eastern tonight and we crushed them, it was such a good game and makes me so proud to call myself a Redhawk! Good job guys! Until next time readers, bundle up, drink some tea, and enjoy the company of incredible people.

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