A greater world starts with a greater purpose.


We must act in unconventional, unprecedented and unparalleled ways. We must envision progress where others do not. Together, we will amplify the good we’re already doing and expand into areas where we can have the broadest and most enduring impact, both on individuals far and wide and institutions large and small.

Unprecedented Access to Education

Academic excellence lives through our students.

Currently 80% of our students receive scholarships and aid in some form. By further breaking these barriers, qualified students gain access to an education they deserve, giving them the means to build a future using their gifts and skills honed here at Seattle U.

Unconventional Science and Innovation

A Liberal Arts foundation. Practical STEM experience. The wisdom to apply each for the good of all.

The Center for Science and Innovation, CSI, embodies Seattle U in its passion for hands-on learning and vision for a better world through student development in STEM studies. Through the CSI, Seattle U will engage the region and prepare the next generation of tech leaders to carry Jesuit values to their careers.

Unparalleled Mission and Programs

Mission-driven learning and living.

We continue to sustain our Jesuit Catholic mission and cement Seattle U as a leading Jesuit university. The value of Jesuit education is in the instilling of students with a focused human approach to positively impact their communities. A Jesuit education is as foundational as it is future focused.

Seattle U students impact communities far and wide through Seattle area programming such as the Center for Community Engagement, the Youth Initiative, and global service and academic projects.

Our time is now, to empower champions for a just, inclusive and sustainable world.

Give Seattle University – The Campaign for the Uncommon Good