Calhoun Fellows

Working for Equal Justice

The program introduces law students to seasoned public interest lawyers, State Supreme Court justices, community activists and others entrusted with interpreting, advocating for and enforcing laws.

Aerica Shimizu Banks, '10

Rising Scholar: Making a Difference

A vibrant leader and advocate for underrepresented communities, she has worked both in and alongside government to drive sustainable change for communities of color and women. 

Majd Baniodeh, '11

Developing Ethical Global Leaders

A child of war-torn Palestine, Majd Baniodeh was already a citizen of the world when she arrived at Seattle University. Learn more about how education and global awareness can give voice to the underserved.

Bridget Brewer, '88

Real-World Experience Leads to Career Leadership

One of three women in her class, Bridget Brewer used the Project Center to launch a career in leadership while holding onto the Jesuit concept of questioning and owning her decisions and owning her values.

Brenda Christensen, '81

Creating Her Own Path

When Brenda was growing up in rural Minnesota, being a Girl Scout gave her a way to experience new people and places. A scholarship to study in Italy set her on the path to become a global technology pioneer

Angela Flores-Marcus, '19

Discovering Scholarship and Community in Diverse Stem Program

With compassion and community Angela Flores-Marcus blossomed with success in STEM studies.

Hameed Makttoof, '20

Taking a Risk and Finding Purpose

Calling the Fostering Scholars program a “gift from God,” Hameed's story exemplifies the power of determination and perseverance reinforced by cura personalis, the Jesuit value of care for the whole body.

Diana and John Dougherty, '66

For What Matters Most

John and Diana Dougherty fulfill one of their dreams by giving back to Seattle University with a gift by will.

Zandrea Harlin, MPH RN-BC

Rooted in Jesuit Values, Nurse Tackles Systemic Health From the Margins

Finding social justice through nursing, this nurse relies on her Jesuit values to tackle disparity in systemic health care.

Jason Oliver, '00

Giving Back to the Community and His Alma Mater

“Seattle University is a place of love where I received the same thing my family gave to me—a foundation built on love and support and a compass to guide me through life.”    

Henry Louie

Engineering Professor Lights African Villages and Empowers Students

This professor brings light to villages in Africa and lights up students academic success, bringing real life experience to STEM studies.

Alex Levinson, '18

Scholarship Breaks Barrier to Heart-Centered Education

Growing up in New Mexico, Alex Levinson experienced economic, cultural and social diversity. As a child, he knew that his home looked different than those of his friends. So, he found heart-centered education.

Emily Graham, '19

Serving Global Communities Through Engineering and Technology

A global STEM partnership empowered Emily Graham with a vision to pursue her civil engineering career abroad supporting people and projects where resources are scarce.

Aakanksha Sinha, PhD

Serving up Social Justice

Aakanksha Sinha’s purpose is driven by the greater good

Jesse Goncalves, ’19

Work Outside the Classroom Connects Academics and Service Values

Learn more about how this student used service and community impact to enrich learning outside of the classroom.

Joseph Nguyen, '06

2020 Alumnus of the Year

A beacon of hope and a voice for his community and district, Joseph Nguyen, ’06, is determined to use his platform to elevate voices and ideas that have, in the past, been left out of the conversation.

Ezra Teshome, '75

Grateful Heart Repays Education Through Service and Jesuit Values

Having left Ethiopia with money for tuition but little else, this trustee was afforded an education with the support of Seattle U and continues to pay it forward through service.

Marika Yaplee, '19

Bridging the Gap to Education

Marika Yaplee did everything in her power to realize her dream of attending Seattle University. Her family had no financial resources to contribute, so she had to figure out how to pay for Seattle U herself.