Transportation and Parking Services
Van Rentals

Reservation Steps

  • Step 1: COMPLETE driver authorization process

    Anyone wishing to drive university vehicle must complete the three-step driver authorization process:

    1. Driver Safety Training by Edu Risk
    2. Van Safety Training
    3. Submit completed Application for Driver Authorization form to the Public Safety Office, USVC 102
    4. *This process must be completed once per academic year.

    SU Vehicle Driver Auth Form

    Applications for Driver Authorization may take up to four business days to process. Notification of your driver status will be emailed to your SU email address.    

    Step 2: RESERVE your vehicle using VEMS

    Note: this tentatively holds a van for you until the request is approved

    Sign in to VEMS site.

    VEMS Login

    Select Van Rental under the Reservations tab.

    VEMS Van Rental Dropdown

    Select Grid to view the vans' availabilities by the hour.

    VEMS Van Availability

    Fill in the details of your request by either clicking the Details tab or the yellow Continue button.

    After you click Submit, your reservation summary will appear.

    Once your request is approved, the STATUS will change from "Web User Request" to "Confirmed - Van Rental"  

    VEMS Vehicle Status 

    You'll receive two separate emails for the request (1) and for the confirmation (2).

    This process may take up to three business days.

    FACULTY AND STAFF: Go to Step 4

    Step 3: REQUEST budgetary approval

    Students request budgetary use approval from their advisers using the RSVP Approval Form.


    Step 4: WAIT for confirmation notice

    In two business days, DPST will confirm your reservation via email. You will also see the status change on the VEMS website.