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Employee Parking Passes

Payroll Deduction Registration

  • This form is for employees who would like to enroll in a new payroll deduction. Once enrolled, the payroll deduction is indefinite and will continue year-to-year until the employee completes a Stop-Payroll-Deduction form in the Public Safety and Transportation office.  For more information on processing a parking permit order, visit Processing Parking Permits

    Employee Information









    Parking Registration/Regulations Acknowledgement

    I accept responsibility for any enforcement action that may be taken due to my providing either inaccurate or incomplete registration information. I also agree to read and abide by all signage and written regulations.

    I accept the Parking Registration/Regulations Acknowledgement (click here to view Parking Regulations)

    Payroll Deduction Authorization

    I authorize Seattle University to deduct the current monthly parking fee from my paychecks.  I understand that payroll deductions will continue until such time as the assigned parking permit is returned to Campus Public Safety or when the permit expires (whichever occurs first).

    I accept the Payroll Deduction Authorization

    I accept the Continuous Payroll Deduction Authorization

    Pre-Tax Transportation Plan WAIVER

    I elect to waive the opportunity to participate in the Seattle University Pre-Tax Transportation Plan. I understand that by waiving participation the monthly parking fee will be deducted from my paycheck after all federal taxes have been withheld.

    I accept the Pre-Tax Transportation Plan Waiver (read carefully before selecting this option)

    By clicking "Submit" below, you verify that everything stated on this form is true and you authorize Seattle University Payroll to deduct the current monthly parking fee from your paychecks.