Additions or other changes to this list will be published as needed.

The fines or penalties which may be assessed for violations of these regulations are those detailed below:

  1. Failure to display/transfer a valid permit to a second registered vehicle $20.00
  2. Improper display of permit or obstructed/defaced license plate $30.00
  3. Obstructing traffic $30.00
  4. Occupying more than one space $30.00
  5. Parking in a restricted space $30.00
  6. Parking in a prohibited area $30.00
  7. Parking out of Assigned area $30.00
  8. Parking over permitted time limit $65.00
  9. Parking with no Valid Permit Displayed (No advance payment fee) $65.00
  10. Parking with altered permit $65.00
  11. Parking outside cycle area (motorcycle or bicycle) $30.00
  12. Parking while privilege suspended $100.00
  13. Parking in space designated for disabled $100.00
  14. Use of stolen permit $500.00
  15. Unauthorized use of the Carpool Permit or Parking Lot, fine varies
    1. 1st Violation, $30.00
    2. 2nd Violation, $100.00
    3. 3rd Violation, Loss of Parking Privileges
  16. Use of fraudulent permit $500.00
  17. Abandoning Vehicle $200.00
  18. Shared Permit Violation $500.00

Violation Summaries

The following descriptions provide brief summaries of specific violations regulations. The Director of the Public Safety and Transportation may provide clarification on specific violations to meet the objectives of these regulations.

  1. Failure to Display/Transfer Permit: Permit holder does not either display permit or transfer the permit to the vehicle they park on campus.
  2. Improper Display of Permit: Permit is not displayed on the lower portion of the driver's side windshield or is not visible on the driver's side dash board of the vehicle.
  3. Obstructing Traffic: Vehicle is parked in manner as likely to impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic, driver's visibility, or a vehicle's free and easy passage through the traffic way.
  4. Occupying More Than One Space: Vehicle is not parked between the lines delineating a parking space and protrudes into an adjacent space.
  5. Parking In Restricted Space: Vehicle is parked in a space that is restricted to specific type of permit such as a University vehicle, reserved space, or Jesuit vehicle.
  6. Parking In Prohibited Area: Vehicle parked where not permitted. Areas include: campus mall without valid permit, within 10 feet of fire hydrant, blocking crosswalk, planted area, area that is posted as no parking, passenger load/unload area, or any area not designated for parking.
  7. Parking Out of Assigned Area: Vehicle is parked in an area not assigned for that permit. Examples are student or employee permits in the Pigott Visitor Lot before 3pm on weekdays, a non-resident permit parked after midnight, an evening permit parked before 3:00 PM, or a non-carpool permit parked in a carpool lot or space.
  8. Parking Over Permitted Time Limit: Vehicle is parked longer than allowed by either permit issued or the space parked. For example vehicles with 15 minute permit are parked longer than 15 minutes; or in 10 minute space/loading zone and vehicle is parked longer than 10 minutes.
  9. Parking With No Valid Permit Displayed (No advance payment fee): Vehicle is parked without a valid permit displayed on the vehicle. This includes vehicles with no permit and expired permits parked anywhere on Seattle University or university parking areas.
  10. Parking with altered permit: Vehicle is parked with valid Carpool SOV card, 5-Day Supplemental, Temp/Intermittent Permit or ORCA Parking Card, but permit has been altered (dates erased, information modified, details crossed out).
  11. Parking Outside Cycle Area: Motorcycle or bicycle is parked outside those areas specifically designated for motorcycle or bicycle parking. This includes cycles parked in a vehicle parking space.
  12. Parking While Privilege Suspended: Vehicle registered to or operated by any person whose parking privilege has been suspended, is parked anywhere at Seattle University or in any University parking area.
  13. Parking in Space Designated for Disabled: Vehicle is parked in a space designated for disabled person without valid state issued handicapped placard or license plate. Vehicles with valid State issued handicapped placard or license plate, but no university permit will be cited for parking with no valid permit displayed (no advance payment fee).
  14. Use of Stolen Permit: Vehicle is parked or stopped at SU with stolen permit on or in vehicle. Stolen permits have been acquired in manner other than permitting process.
  15. Unauthorized use of the Carpool Permit or Parking Lot: Arriving without partner more often than allowed by regulation, and/ or more than one vehicle of a carpool parked on campus at a time without a single occupancy vehicle (SOV) permit. 1st Violation, $15.00, 2nd Violation, $25.00, 3rd Violation, Loss of Privileges.
  16. Use of Fraudulent Permit:  Vehicle is parked or stopped at SU with fraudulent permit on or in vehicle. Fraudulent permits are fake permits that have been created or manufactured.
  17. Abandoning Vehicle: Vehicle is abandoned on Seattle University Grounds with no intention to retrieve vehicle.
  18. Shared Permit Violation:  Permit share or registering a vehicle not for your sole use on your account. Permits are valid for the account holder's use only. Registering another person's vehicle to your account or adding a second vehicle to your account and allowing another person to use the vehicle to park on campus, invalidates your permit.  


*Please note that Parking Regulations and Parking Fines and Citations are subject to change at any time.

*For additional details please see the published parking regulations.