Transportation and Parking Services
Employee Parking Passes

Employee Parking Guidelines

  • Parking permits are available to employees who are not enrolled in the Bus Pass Subsidy Program.

    Employees can obtain a parking permit anytime of the year at the Public Safety Office (located in USB 102, near the Bookstore)

    Each Fall Quarter, Employees will sign-up or re-new for a permit.

    All employees must have a valid permit displayed by October 1st.

    You will need to do the following:

    • Complete a 'Parking Registration: Vehicle and Driver' form
    • Complete a 'Payroll Deduction Authorization' form
      Note: Payroll deduction is an option. You may also pay by Cash, Check (payable to Seattle University), Visa, or MasterCard.

    Your permit is valid for the duration indicated on the permit.  Your payroll deduction will expire when your permit expires.

    If ever you wish to stop your payroll deduction, you will need to return your permit to Public Safety. The cut-off time is the 15th. Permits received after the 15th will be charged a deduction for that month.

    To return your permit for a refund, please have your original receipt along with your permit.

    Special Instructions for Carpool

    In addition to the above, each carpool member will need to complete a 'Carpool Requirements' form.

    If there are any future changes to a carpool group, ALL MEMBERS will need to submit updated 'Payroll Deduction Authorization' forms (if applicable).