Transportation and Parking Services

Citation Appeal

  • Citations can be appealed (up to 10 days after they are issued) or paid online at The Permit Store. Late appeals will not be accepted. If it has been more than 10 days since the citation has been issued, and an appeal was not submitted, the citation must be paid online.   

    Filing an appeal does not guarantee that it will be granted. Appealing persons will receive an email confirmation that the appeal has been received and processed within five business days. Seattle University parking facilities are enforced 24/7, and appropriate parking permits are required at all times.

    Parking Fines Listing

    Additions or other changes to this list will be published as needed and will be available in the Public Safety Office.

    The fines or penalties which may be assessed for violations of these regulations are those detailed below:

    1. Failure to Display/Transfer a Valid Permit to a second registered vehicle $20.00
    2. Improper Display of Permit $20.00
    3. Obstructing Traffic $30.00
    4. Occupying More Than One Space $30.00
    5. Parking in a Restricted Space $30.00
    6. Parking in a Prohibited Area $30.00
    7. Parking out of Assigned Area $30.00
    8. Parking Over Permitted Time Limit $30.00
    9. Parking With No Valid Permit Displayed $30.00
    10. Parking Outside Cycle Area (Motorcycle or Bicycle) $30.00
    11. Parking While Privilege Suspended $200.00
    12. Parking in Space Designated for Disabled $200.00
    13. Use of Forged or Stolen Permit $200.00
    14. Unauthorized use of the Carpool Permit or Parking Lot, fine varies
      1. 1st Violation, $30.00
      2. 2nd Violation, $100.00
      3. 3rd Violation, Loss of Parking Priviledges
    15. Abandoning Vehicle $200.00

    Click HERE to read SU Parking Regulations and click HERE to read Violation Summaries.