Obtaining a Lift Subsidy

Orca Lift Subsidy request must be submitted to Public Safety at the beginning of each quarter or semester (Law) before the deadline. Late subsidies will not be accepted or processed. Lift subsidies are processed each quarter or semester. Lift subsidies from a prior academic term will not be accepted or processed. If a student has a parking permit, the Lift Subsidy will not be accepted or processed.

Students are eligible for only one Seattle University sponsored parking or subsidized transportation product at a time. Public Safety can not provide a subsidized transportation product (LIFT subsidy) and a term-length parking permit to the same student in the same term.

Funds (E-Purse and/or Monthly Pass) must be purchased from ORCA and must be loaded directly on to the ORCA LIFT card at the beginning of each academic term. ORCA Lift subsidy requests without receipts and transaction history will not be accepted.

Once you have your ORCA LIFT card in hand, you will need to complete 3 steps.

STEP #1:

Set up an online account via the KC Metro webpage and purchase $81 in E-purse value for the Quarter or $108 in E-purse value for the Semester. These amounts equal the full expected contribution of students enrolled in the ORCA LIFT program for the Quarter and Semester, respectively.  

The university will in turn match the student's purchase with an $81 subsidy for the Quarter or $108 subsidy for the Semester. The student's purchase plus the university's subsidy will ultimately equal a grand total of $162 for the Quarter or $216 for the Semester.

These totals are equivalent to 3 or 4 monthly passes, respectively. To view how to convert E-purse to Monthly Pass, click here. To view additional ways to purchase and load products onto your card, click here.

STEP #2:

Request a Seattle University subsidy via the Transportation page.
(click here)

STEP #3:

Submit your transaction history(must have your ORCA card number and amount added) along with a printed copy of the Subsidy Request Confirmation Email to the Dept of Public Safety & Transportation (see location below). RECEIPTS AND TRANSACTION HISTORY MUST BE PROVIDED FOR PROOF OF PURCHASE.

After completion of the three steps above, we will begin processing (approx. $27 for each month in the Quarter/ Semester) your subsidy at the beginning of the 4th week of the term.

You can load product/ value onto your card in any of the following ways:

  • Ticket vending machine at any Link Light rail or Sounder station by paying cash or using a debit/ credit card
  • Online (www.ORCALift.com) using a debit/ credit card
  • Call (206) 553-300 using a debit/ credit card
  • Request value and mail a check for the cost

Submit your original receipt along with your Subsidy Request Confirmation Email to the Department of Public Safety and Transportation.
University Services Building #102 (near the campus store)

Public Safety & Transportation
901 12th Avenue
USVC 102

Seattle, WA 98122-1090
(206) 296-5992

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