Option 2, ORCA Lift

King County Public Health Orca Program

The ORCA Lift program is a King County Public Health program, Seattle University does not retain control of the ORCA Lift program and terms of the program are subject to change at Public Health's discretion. 

Step #1:  Apply for and acquire an Orca LIFT card

Students must be eligible for this program, please visit this link for Public Health's program requirements. Students must acquire their own SU Associated LIFT card from King County Public Health [201 S. Jackson, Seattle, WA],

Step #2:  Apply for a Subsidy

Once you have acquired an Orca LIFT card, purchase Orca product onto the Orca LIFT card, then apply for the 50% subsidy through Seattle University Public Safety before the deadline each quarter/semester. See below for max matching subsidy amounts.  To apply for your ORCA Lift Card please visit this link and follow the prompts.  You must advise King County Public Health you need the LIFT card associated to Seattle University.

SU ORCA Lift Subsidy Policies

  • Transportation Services cannot provide a transit product (ORCA) and a term or month-length parking permit to the same student within the same term
  • Subsidies will be loaded on to the ORCA Lift card as E-Purse value
  • Transportation Services can match your ORCA Lift E-Purse contribution once per term for new Orca product purchases made onto the LIFT card at the beginning of the academic term for which the subsidy is being requested for.  
  • The University will match qualifying subsidy requests up to $54 per quarter and $72 per semester effective 9/1/22 per Transit Fare Changes 
  • It is the student's responsibility to convert E-Purse to monthly pass
  • ORCA limits the maximum E-Purse balance at $300
    • Please Note: If the University subsidy causes the student's E-Purse value to exceed the maximum Orca balance, those additional funds will be forfeited, and no refunds will be offered
  • Lost ORCA cards should be reported to Public Safety, then replaced through King County Public Health

*Youth Cards - are no longer subsidized effective 9/1/22 per the free youth fares with youth Orca cards Transit Fare Change. 

*Regional Reduced Fare Permit [RRFP] - max matching subsidy is $54 per quarter and $72 per semester.  To apply for a subsidy, fill out the LIFT subsidy form and in the comment box write "Regional Reduced Fare Permit Orca card." 

Updated Quarter Subsidies Effective 9/1/22 per Transit Fares Changes

Orca Card Type Max Matching Quarter Subsidy Amount
LIFT $54
Regional Reduced Fare $54

Updated Semester Subsidies Effective 9/1/22 per Transit Fares Changes

Orca Card Type Max Matching Quarter Subsidy Amount
LIFT $72
Regional Reduced Fare $72

*By acknowledging these policies, you agree to the terms of Seattle University's ORCA subsidization program. For more details on these policies please see our SU ORCA Lift E-Purse Subsidy Policy .

Documents Required to Obtain Your ORCA Lift Subsidy 

  1. SU ID Card 
  2. SU Associated Orca LIFT card (acquired from King County Public Health) 
  3. Transaction History / Valid Receipts
  4. SU Online Subsidy Request Form