Transportation and Parking Services

ORCA (Employee) FAQ


    How do I enroll in the employee ORCA program?

    Employees please complete the ORCA Enrollment Form to start the ORCA enrollment process. Back to top

    How do I renew my enrollment?

    Your ORCA card is automatically renewed as long as you do not stop payroll deduction. Back to top

    What happens if I lose my card?

    Come to the Department of Public Safety and Transportation office (USB 102) to report your card. You may also purchase a replacement for $10. The replacement fee increases to $25 the second time it is lost, and $50 for the third time. Back to top

    What happens if my card is stolen?

    If you bring a police report to the Department of Public Safety and Transportation office (USB 102), you may receive a replacement card at no cost. The non-emergency number for the Seattle Police Department is (206) 625-5011; enter "2" and then "8" to file the report. Record the report number. Back to top

    Can I put my own money or a Ferry pass on my Seattle University ORCA card?

    If you put money onto an E-purse, or separately purchase a Ferry product, you may not be refunded if you return your card. Visit our office, USB 102, if you would like to add Ferry products to your card. Back to top

    What transit access is included with an ORCA card?

    ORCA is accepted on: Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit and Washington State Ferries. For more information, visit Back to top

    I already have an ORCA transit pass, can I purchase a parking permit?

    If you already have an ORCA transit pass you are not eligible to purchase a parking permit. ORCA Transit Pass holders receive a complimentary parking card for up to five days of parking each month should they need to park on campus. Please contact our office if you want to switch from a transit pass to a parking permit. Back to top