Transportation and Parking Services

Employee Orca Enrollment

  • Pass Name Full Price Employee Price
    SU ORCA Pass   $10.00 / month
    Washington State Ferry Passes
    Central Sound $103.20 / month $25.80 / month
    Fauntleroy-Southworth $80.80 / month $20.20 / month
    Vashon $67.40 / month $16.85 / month
    Mulkiteo-Clinton $62.25 / month $15.56 / month
    Port Townsend-Coupeville $84.80 / month $21.20 / month


    **Provides an ANNUAL Transit Pass for employees on Community, Metro, Kitsap and Everett Transit, Link Light Rail, Sounder Train & Bus systems and $100 per month toward Community Transit and Metro Van Pools.

    *Employees are eligiable for a 75% subsidy toward Washington State Ferry (WSF) passes.  The Ferry product can either be added to your SU ORCA Pass or you can purchase passes separately and receive a reimbursement.  WSF fares are subject to periodic change. 

    Note: Unlike the ORCA Pass, which is an annual product, WSF products are purchased monthly.  All Ferry products are added to SU ORCA Passes on the 15th day of the month proceeding usage.  For instance, WSF products which will be used via the SU ORCA Pass in June must be requested by an employee before May 15th. 

    Accordingly, if you are enrolling in the ORCA program after the 15th day of May, you will need to purchase your Ferry passes for June on your own and submit your receipts to DPS for a 75% reimbursement.  Your Ferry product would then be added to your SU ORCA card for use in July and beyond.