Info on Alternative Methods of Travel

Alternative Methods Of Travel To/From SeaTac Airport And Campus

There are several easy ways to travel to and from SeaTac Airport.

If you are traveling between campus and SeaTac Airport, you can use the Seattle Street Car to connect between SU and the LINK Light Rail.  The Street Car Broadway-Marion station is located next to Broadway Garage on the west side of the Seattle University campus.  The Street Car Broadway-Denny station is located next to the Capitol Hill LINK Light Rail station.  Prior to traveling, please check current fares and schedule for the Seattle Street Car, and also check the current fares and schedule for the Sound Transit LINK Light Rail.  The LINK Light Rail takes approximately 45 minutes to connect from Capitol Hill to SeaTac Airport. 

Street Car

You can use the Street Car to travel between campus and the Capitol Hill Link Light Rail station.

More on Street Car

Sound Transit's Link Light Rail

You can use the Link Light Rail to travel from Capitol Hill to SeaTac Airport.  Before traveling, please check current fares for Sound Transit's Link Light Rail 

Taxi Travel

Taxi Services in the area travel from campus and the surrounding area to SeaTac Airport and back. 

Bus Travel

There are a number of buses that travel to SeaTac at various times throughout the day. For travel routes and times that best suite your needs, use the King County Metro Trip Planner.

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