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Amnesty Program

Amnesty Program


    Amnesty Program:
    50% off Unpaid Parking Tickets
    March 4-15, 2013

        For a very short period of time, the Department of Public Safety is offering an amnesty program for outstanding, unpaid parking violations. This is a gesture of goodwill intended to help students, faculty and staff who have yet to satisfy their obligations to the university’s parking program. From March 4 to 15, students, faculty and staff with tickets can clear their records by paying just 50 percent of their outstanding violations. 

        This is a limited time opportunity. Once the 12-day amnesty period expires on March 16, enforcement actions will be taken with a focus on vehicles with three or more outstanding unpaid violations. Vehicles will be immobilized by a wheel boot; the boot will not be removed until all obligations to the university are satisfied in full, including an additional penalty for installing the device. 

        It is important to note that the university’s policy on parking has not changed. Vehicles will be towed if parking fines go unpaid by the person responsible for the vehicle, and outstanding fines can be referred to a collection agency. To learn more about the university’s longstanding parking policies and regulations, please visit;   

        The amnesty program is an excellent opportunity for many of our community members to start anew. Don’t wait until the last minute. If you are unsure whether you have unpaid tickets, please call the Department of Public Safety at 206 296-5992 so that you are prepared to take advantage of the amnesty program when it begins.  


    Q: What is parking ticket amnesty?  

    In a typical parking ticket amnesty program, a portion of parking ticket penalties are waived as an incentive for students, faculty and staff to clear up their old tickets. While the amount of savings at stake can be enormous, people often miss out. In a nutshell, amnesty is a golden opportunity to save money. It is rarely offered and lasts for just a very short period.

    Q: How much can I save through amnesty?

    Anyone who has outstanding parking fines is eligible to save 50 percent and have their record cleared. In essence anyone with a ticket or tickets gets to start with a clean slate at the end of the program.

    Q: Will there be other opportunities for amnesty?

    Not in the foreseeable future. This is a one-time opportunity. It is your responsibility to check with the Department of Public Safety to determine if you have outstanding obligations.   

    Q: How do I know if I have outstanding tickets?

    In our experience administering amnesty programs, people know they have received parking citations and have, for one reason or another, chosen not to pay them. If you are unsure whether you have an outstanding balance, please call the Department of Public Safety at 206 296-5992.  

    Q: What happens when amnesty is over?  

    At the end of the amnesty program, the Department of Public Safety will utilize vehicle immobilizers (commonly known as “wheel boots”) and tow vehicles. Vehicle immobilization and towing have added monetary penalties above and beyond the parking citation fines.  

    Q: Can I appeal my fines during amnesty?  

    Once the amnesty program begins the appeal process for all outstanding parking citation fines on record will not be available. The Department of Public Safety will accept appeals on citations issued March 14th or after.