Talking Circle – New Sculpture installed on SU Campus


This new sculpture area draws from the Kubota design familiar across the university campus, which incorporates natural elements and invites community engagement.  Tori Halligan, whose family installed the sculpture and who support the CEIE Professorship and Directorship, tells us: “The concept of a talking circle translates across multiple cultures and religions and is often thought to be a place of dialogue, healing and understanding.  This relates to my mom's interest in fostering interreligious dialogue as a means to better understand and perhaps embrace what makes us different and the same.”  

We are grateful to the Halligan family for continuing the vision of Marcia Spehar-Halligan. 

Learn more about the artist, John Hoge here.


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The Religica Theolab

The Center for Ecumenical and Interreligious Engagement includes our own theological laboratory: The Religica Theolab.  Visit today.